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    Spanish Back-to-School Books for Kids

    Spanish Back to School Books for Kids

    The school year is about to start for my kids! This year my oldest is going to second grade, and my older daughter gets to go to kindergarten. The teacher in me loves this back-to-school season: the new school supplies, the excitement, the amazing back-to-school books. Despite the school year looking a bit different for most of us this year, I’ve still pulled out all of my fun books to get my own kids excited to start school again. Take a look to find one for your own little learners! These sweet picture books are for a variety of young…

  • Top 5 bilingual parenting books

    Top 5 Bilingual Parenting Books

    My top five book recommendations for parents If you’re looking for an excellent book to learn more about raising bilingual kids, start with one of these!  Full of research-based advice, inspiration, and practical ideas, these books will get you off…

  • 5 compelling reasons to choose bilingual education for your child

    Why Should I Choose Bilingual Education?

    5 compelling benefits to consider PLUS helpful websites parents should know about Choosing a school program is an important decision parents make for their children.  In many communities, parents have options about which school their child attends.  So why would…

  • Elementary Spanish calendar routine ideas.

    Elementary Spanish Calendar Routine Ideas

    Many preschool and elementary classrooms start each morning off with a calendar routine.  While doing distance learning at home with my kids, we even started our morning routine with calendar time!  Here are some ideas for how to enhance your…

  • 10 ideas for practicing spanish as an adult

    10 Ideas for Practicing Spanish as an Adult

    As a non-native Spanish speaker raising bilingual kids, it’s important to me that I continue to practice and improve my Spanish language skills.  Perhaps you are a non-native speaker like me and are looking for easy ways to keep using…

  • Spanish music for big kids: elementary and middle school ages

    Great Spanish Music for Big Kids

    Songs for kids in elementary and middle school Are your kids ready to move past nursery rhymes and cute songs for young children?  We listen to Spanish music often in our bilingual home, and we’ve discovered some wonderful artists and…