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    The Essential Gift Guide for Bilingual Kids

    The holiday season has arrived!  Have you been searching for a fun and educational gift for your bilingual or multilingual child?  I have some wonderful ideas for you that will get your child building, exploring, and imagining – in any language. In our home, we try to keep things simple with a four gift rule at Christmas.  Each of our kids gets four gifts: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. This simple rule helps me to plan and pick out just the right gifts for my three kids without going overboard. While our…

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    Spanish Early Readers for Kids

    Is your little one starting to read in Spanish?  When your child starts decoding words independently, it’s such a magical time!  From learning letter sounds to reading syllables, to blending those syllables into simple words, your child is on the…

  • Thanksgiving and gratitude books for kids- Spanish and bilingual
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    Spanish Thanksgiving Books for Kids

    12 Titles to Enjoy with Your Kids or Students Today I’m sharing my favorite Spanish and bilingual books for kids at Thanksgiving! These beautiful books will help you teach your little ones about Thanksgiving. What’s more, they’ll help you discuss…

  • Bilingual Balance

    Find Your Balance

    Do you ever feel like parenting is a juggling act? Schedules.  Activities.  Responsibilities.  Caring for ourselves.  Connecting with each child.  Using our minority language.  Raising kind humans. If you’ve ever struggled trying to juggle the many pieces of everyday life,…

  • 10 screen-free activities for practicing Spanish at home

    Easy Screen-Free Spanish Activities for Kids

    Are your kids getting burned out with all the screen time this school year?  Looking for some simple screen-free activities that your child could do to practice Spanish? Try one of these EASY activities that will make practicing Spanish fun…

  • Top 5 bilingual parenting books

    Top 5 Bilingual Parenting Books

    My top five book recommendations for parents If you’re looking for an excellent book to learn more about raising bilingual kids, start with one of these!  Full of research-based advice, inspiration, and practical ideas, these books will get you off…

  • 5 compelling reasons to choose bilingual education for your child

    Why Should I Choose Bilingual Education?

    5 compelling benefits to consider PLUS helpful websites parents should know about Choosing a school program is an important decision parents make for their children.  In many communities, parents have options about which school their child attends.  So why would…

  • Elementary Spanish calendar routine ideas.

    Elementary Spanish Calendar Routine Ideas

    Many preschool and elementary classrooms start each morning off with a calendar routine.  While doing distance learning at home with my kids, we even started our morning routine with calendar time!  Here are some ideas for how to enhance your…