Bilingual Summer Reading Bucket List

Bilingual Summer Reading Bucket List

Summer has almost arrived! It’s the perfect time for some fun outdoor adventures, family time together, and unlimited learning possibilities!

Summer is a wonderful season to let kids explore their interests, learn about a new hobby, or discover something new about a topic they love. And all the fun can start with reading a book! As you plan your summer activities, carve out daily time in your kids’ schedule for reading.

Show them how much fun reading can be – and help them continue to learn and practice their reading skills – all summer long. Kids who read consistently over the summer will be better prepared to head back to school in the fall.

A little bit of daily reading practice goes a long way in helping your child keep up the reading skills and strategies they’ve learned this school year. Your child’s next teacher will thank you!

Discover all of our summer literacy resources:

Tips to maximize summer reading:

  • Start your reading routine from the first week – kids are used to reading daily at school, so keep it going to minimize pushback later
  • Keep your child motivated to read with these 10 ideas
  • Make it a family priority – sit down and enjoy your own book or magazine with your child
  • Read aloud to your child as well – enjoy a more difficult book series in which you can explore advanced vocabulary and themes
  • Plan regular trips to the library for new books and special events (get your child their own library card for extra fun!)
  • Involve your child in real-life reading practice – making a recipe together, helping to read the grocery list, reading a letter you receive in the mail, etc.
Download the English/Spanish free printable below

Summer reading ideas list

I’ll help you get started with a free printable list of 30 fun reading ideas. You can use it in Spanish OR English! Print it off, stick it on your fridge, and see how many you and your kids can cross off this summer! Here are the ideas with some links to book lists or ideas.

  • Leer afuera debajo de un árbol. (Read outside under a tree)
  • Leer con todos tus peluches. (Read with all of your stuffed animals)
  • Leer un libro escrito por ti. (Read a book that you wrote)
  • Leer un libro acerca de arte. (Read a book about art)
  • Leer en un parque y hacer un picnic. (Read at a park and have a picnic)
  • Leer un libro con una linterna. (Read a book with a flashlight)
  • Leer un libro acerca de la naturaleza. (Read a book about nature)
  • Hacer una fortaleza y leer adentro. (Make a fort and read inside)
  • Leer un libro acerca de insectos. (Read a book about insects)
  • Leerle un libro a una mascota. (Read a book to a pet)
  • Leer un libro acerca de música. (Read a book about music)
  • Leer una revista. (Read a magazine)
  • Leer un libro a alguien por teléfono. (Read a book to someone on the phone)
  • Leer acerca de un animal salvaje. (Read a book about a wild animal)
  • Leer un libro sin palabras. (Read a wordless book)
  • Leer un libro acerca de cocinar. (Read a book about cooking)
  • Leer en la bañera. (Read a book in the bathtub)
  • Leer debajo de tu cama. (Read under your bed)
  • Leer un libro mientras desayunas. (Read a book while you eat breakfast)
  • Leer libros con tu familia. (Read books with your family)
  • Leer un libro nuevo en línea. (Read a new book online)
  • Leer un libro a alquien que amas. (Read a book to someone you love)
  • Leer en la playa. (Read at the beach)
  • Leer con un amigo. (Read with a friend)
  • Leer un libro de bromas. (Read a joke book)
  • Leer un libro acerca de otro país. (Read a book about another country)
  • Leer una receta. (Read a recipe)
  • Leer en tu cama. (Read in your bed)
  • Leer un libro de capítulos. (Read a chapter book)
  • Escuchar un audiolibro. (Listen to an audiobook)

Download the free printable here:

Summer Reading Bucket List

Helpful reading resources to explore:

Enjoy some fun summer reading time with your kids! Help them stay in the habit of reading each day – to practice their reading skills AND to keep learning new things all summer long.

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