Curio Book Club for Kids: Love for Language & Culture Explore Bilingual Parenting

Curio Book Club for Kids: Love for Language & Culture

Surprise! A package has just been delivered to your doorstep. What’s inside will spark your little one’s love for the Spanish language. What’s more, it can get them excited about reading, and inspire a love for learning about other cultures.

It’s a Curio book box!

Have you discovered this new book subscription box for kids yet? Curio Books is brand new and is a curated book club for little bilingual kids! If you and your family are always on the hunt for quality, authentic Spanish books for kids, I can’t wait to fill you in about Curio Books. They’ll make sure your child has gorgeous, engaging Spanish books from birth through elementary school.

Curio Books is an incredible resource for building your own Spanish home library, promoting Spanish reading at home, and for inspiring your child’s love for the Spanish language. Let me tell you more…

About Curio Books

Curio Books is a curated book subscription box for little linguists. They provide families with children’s books in Spanish, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese. I’m always looking for new books to excite my own three children, and I can tell you that we’ve fallen in love with our Curio books.

Curio’s founder and CEO is Hera Li. Originally from Singapore, Hera lives in New York City and is raising two young multilingual children. Curio originated out of her desire to bring authentic libros (books) that inspire cultural learning to the hands of bilingual families.

When Hera started her multilingual parenting journey, she found out how difficult it can be to find great kids’ books in Mandarin here in the United States. Can you relate? She decided to do something about it, and started Curio to “bridge the gap between award-winning children’s literature from global publishers and U.S. families who want an easy way to discover and access them.”

What’s more, I appreciate that Hera values the amazing opportunity for cultural learning in language and books! She wants to “start a campaign for the parents of our generation to be unapologetic about embracing their culture or teach their kids to learn to appreciate that of others. We want parents and children to feel proud of their roots and celebrate their individuality and uniqueness.”

Curio is a brand-new company that sources award-winning children’s books in Chinese and Spanish from around the world. We appreciate that their Spanish books are sourced mainly from Latin America and Spain. And they are unique selections I haven’t seen anywhere else!

My youngest enjoying one of our Curio favorites at home

Favorite Selections

One of our favorite Curio books is “¡Sé un árbol!” Written by Maria Gianferrari and illustrated by Felicita Sala, this new book was published in 2021. The Spanish version was printed in Spain. This inspiring book has the most beautiful illustrations, and an even more beautiful story. Your elementary-aged kids will love the ways that we can strive to take on the characteristics of trees: caring for each other, and living in community and peace.

Another top choice we’ve received is “¿Es tuyo este perro?” All three of my children (ages 4-10) were smiling while I read it aloud. Written by José Sanabria and illustrated by Jimena Tello, this story was published in Argentina. It tells the story of a young boy who finds a lost puppy. He spends the day talking with neighbors and friends around his community to search for the puppy’s owner.

Finally, one more favorite in our home has been “Animales americanos a mano” by Guadalupe Rodríguez. This unique book was published in Chile and includes the most inventive craft ideas for creating more than 30 animales from South America. Your kids will read about the characteristics and lives of creatures like un jaguar, quetzal, or guacamayo. What’s more, they’ll learn to build models of them with craft supplies at home. My middle daughter (age 8) fell in love with this libro!

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Curio Book Box: An honest review of the curated book subscription box for kids learning Spanish or Chinese.

How to Get Started

Getting started with your first subscription box is easy. First, head to Curio’s website and select your language of choice. Then, select which book box you’d like based on your child’s age range. Curio has three different recommended book boxes.

  • Buds: For babies to young toddlers
  • Sprouts: Preschoolers to early grades
  • Blooms: First grade and beyond

Inspire a Love for Language & Culture

Visit Curio’s website to learn more and get started with your first book box! Use coupon code JENNAVISLISEL to get 10% off! I know you and your child will adore your new Curio books as much as we have. Curio is sure to become a well-loved resource for families and educators of bilingual kids!

Finally, thanks for reading our honest review of Curio Books. I only share about incredible language learning products that I’ve tried at home with my own bilingual niños and love! Please let me know in the comments if you try Curio – I’d love to hear about your books.

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