Fall Scavenger Hunt for Kids in Spanish & English Explore Fun Spanish Activities

Fall Scavenger Hunt for Kids in Spanish & English

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year where we live in Minnesota!

Leaves are changing colors to brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges everywhere we go. Our neighbors’ front porches are filling with gorgeous mums, pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and festive Halloween decorations.

The cooler autumn weather has arrived, and we’re starting to bundle up for our outdoor adventures.

There’s something magical about the season that compels me outside with my three kids – searching for the ripest apples, picking just the right-sized pumpkins, and collecting a rainbow of leaves as we crunch through a forest trail.

Autumn is a perfect time for some outdoor language learning with your child!

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Language Learning Outside

Whether your child is learning English or Spanish (or both!), a scavenger hunt is a fun and vocabulary-rich family outing. Simply download my FREE bilingual scavenger hunt and get started with autumn-themed vocabulary learning today!

  1. Download the bilingual scavenger hunt below
  2. Print it in color or on colored paper
  3. Laminate for extended use (I have this laminator and love it for at-home use)
  4. Grab a fun clipboard
  5. Head outside!
Fall Scavenger Hunt for Kids in English & Spanish from Bilingual Balance.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Here are some meaningful ways you and your child could use our Autumn Scavenger Hunt! Try one or try them all this season, and bookmark this post to find it again for more fun next year.

Word Wall

Print off and post the scavenger hunt like a poster on the refrigerator or other highly-visible surface. Introduce the words with your child, talk about what they mean, and see how many you can use together. If you’d like, tally the times next to the word or simply check the word when you use it in family conversations!

Book Search

Head to the library and check out some fall-themed books in English and Spanish! As you’re reading a fall book, search for the words on the scavenger hunt. Cross off a word when you find it in a book.

Explore our favorite Spanish Book Resources

Find scavenger hunt vocabulary words in fall-themed books.

Cut It Out

Print off the English and Spanish pages on separate paper. Then, carefully cut out the words and pictures (or words alone leaving off the pictures). Play a match game to see how many your child can match up in English and Spanish, saying the words aloud. “Una hoja roja is a red leaf!”

Nature Hike

Complete the scavenger hunt as you go on a nature hike together! Pick a local spot to explore – right in your own neighborhood or on a local trail. Check off the items as you find and name them together. Bonus points if you’re able to collect some of the natural items – like leaves and acorns – to take home for some nature art or exploration!

Search for scavenger hunt vocabulary words on a family nature hike.

Photo Fun

While on your nature hike or other fall explorations, give your child a kid-friendly camera or your phone to do some photography! My six-year-old especially loved this idea! Take a picture of each item that you find. This would be a great way to do some speaking practice as well – have your child show the pictures to another family member and name each one in Spanish.

Family Outing

Take along the printable scavenger hunt as you and your child go about your favorite fall adventures! Heading to the apple orchard? See how many scavenger hunt items you can find! Picking your own pumpkins at a local farm? Search for some new Spanish words along the way! Encourage your child to add additional fall-themed vocabulary words they’d like to learn in both languages.

Download your free printable right here!

Fall Scavenger Hunt – English/Spanish

Enjoy using this autumn-inspired scavenger hunt free printable as you and your child do some language learning together!

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How else might you use our Fall Scavenger Hunt? I’d love to hear in the comments or see your ideas on social media – please tag me @bilingualbalance! And don’t forget to share this free printable with family and friends who might like it!

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