Free Online Summer Spanish Learning for Kids

Free Online Summer Spanish Learning for Kids

Virtual lessons, programs, and “camps” for preschool and elementary-aged kids

Add in some fun Spanish learning adventures for your kids this summer – completely online!  These websites, video lessons, and true virtual summer camps will keep your kids learning in Spanish at home this summer (or all year!).  Kids can learn about a variety of topics – from Spanish language and vocabulary to math, music, science, or art. 

So stay at home and take advantage of these wonderful learning opportunities. These educational resources will make it easy to schedule in some Spanish fun for your kids to keep up their learning all summer.  Intentionally scheduling in even a little time each day (or each week) to practice Spanish at home will help continue your child’s language learning.

Spanish Playground

Spanish Playground is a must-know website for parents raising bilingual kids.  They have a wonderful summer calendar (with two levels) of daily activities for kids learning Spanish.  The calendar is an easy way for parents to fit in some language each day.  Kids use interactive links to watch videos, complete fun activities, and learn songs and games! 

Language Kids World

Language Kids World is an organization based in Houston, Texas, that offers foreign language immersion programs.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, they are currently offering free online Spanish classes for preschool and elementary school kids.  The online camps include video lessons, resources for kids, tips for parents, songs, and video books – and can be done at your own pace.

Online Free Spanish

On this language learning website, you can adjust the difficulty for your child from beginner to intermediate to advanced.  Kids can watch lessons that lead to related activities and games, and find a plethora of free printables.

They have also been doing an online summer camp schedule the past several years that links to specific lessons and activities for each day!

Top picks for free online Spanish learning for kids.


This is an amazing, music-based Spanish learning site.  It was created by a group of teachers, animators, musicians, and computer programmers.  It has videos, printables, crafts, games, and so many engaging ways for kids to learn through music.  They’ve even been doing “classes” this spring every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday with engaging videos.  Free classes, songs, and games are clearly labeled, while there are some activities for purchase.


Choose your child’s age group (3-5, 5-7, or 7-10) and get them started learning and having fun!  On this kid-friendly website, you’ll find literacy activities like ABC Mouse, but all in Spanish.  In addition to reading, the site offers learning activities for math, science, music, and English.  They even have free printable worksheets!

YouTube Language Videos

There are some amazing YouTube channels to provide quality Spanish language time during your child’s day.  Please check out my top YouTube channel recommendations for kids learning Spanish – kids can learn about Spanish, yoga, cooking, science, and much more.

123 Teach Me

This website is full of learning opportunities for young kids working on Spanish.  On it you’ll find vocabulary lessons, interactive games, printable learning pages, and reading and math activities.  There are even some activities that include native kids speaking for your child to practice listening skills.  Give this site a chance and you’ll be surprised by how helpful it is for your bilingual child!

Free online summer Spanish learning for kids.

Salsa Language Series

Salsa Spanish is a video lesson series from Georgia Public Broadcasting.  It offers free Spanish lessons for kids in kindergarten and lower elementary.  Each lesson contains a video of puppets and costumed characters.  Parents don’t need to know any Spanish to teach these lessons! A (free) full teacher’s guide for each episode is available. There are also lesson plans, complete with scheduling suggestions and printable work, correlating to each video episode.


Duolingo is a popular language learning app and website.  It uses simple courses and cute graphics to engage kids (or adults) in learning Spanish.  Kids can practice everything from writing to speaking, and parents can even track their child’s progress.

International Children’s Digital Library

If you have a book lover at your house, access the children’s library from home with this website!  It has over 150 digital story books in Spanish, including classic tales translated from English, as well as authentic Spanish books.  Kids can select their age range to find appropriate books.  Or they can choose from a variety of categories like make-believe books, books with kid characters, or award-winning books.

And one more that I just have to mention for families who are also looking for excellent ENGLISH resources….

Start With a Book

This website from Reading Rockets is a phenomenal resource for parents looking for some fun learning ideas for their kids.  There is a wide variety of topics (24!) kids can choose to explore and they each include recommended books, activities to try, online learning with kid-friendly websites and apps, and more.  You’ll also find “Growing Readers” tip sheets for reading with kids at home in both English and Spanish.

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