Spanish Graphic Novels: Captivating Picks to Empower Young Readers!

Spanish Graphic Novels: Captivating Picks to Empower Young Readers!

The best SPANISH graphic novels to engage elementary, middle school, and high school readers – our favorites to get readers excited about books!

If your child is ready to dive into a new engaging book, check out one of these Spanish novelas gráficas! My own three kids – ages 6, 9, and 11 – all get excited about a new graphic novel. And it’s easy to see why when you open one up! Full of vivid illustrations that help tell the story along with the text, they pull even the most reluctant readers into the story.

Let me tell you more about graphic novels and why I recommend them for your reader. Then take a peek at our favorite recommendations organized by recommended reading age.

What Are Graphic Novels?

Similar to comic books, graphic novels mix engaging visuals with limited text to express the story. They are often organized in rectangular panels like comic books. The illustrations on the pages help drive the storyline along with the text.

Graphic novels are typically full of action and humor, and they can be fiction or nonfiction. They come in a wide range of reading levels – from beginning readers to adult!

Why Choose Graphic Novels?

Graphic novels can be especially appealing to readers who are reluctant to pick up traditional picture or chapter books. Librarians and teachers know there are high quality graphic novels that can engage young readers – with interesting characters, vocabulary, and plots.

Parents like me love them because they can inspire kids to want to read! While a thick chapter book can seem daunting, kids may be more apt to pick up a graphic novel because they’ll have vibrant illustrations along with the text. And getting kids interested in a book series and excited about reading means more reading time and growth!

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Building Spanish Literacy Skills

Graphic novels are an excellent way to motivate young readers! Especially for struggling or reluctant readers, they can help build confidence and stamina. Getting our kids to have a positive attitude toward reading sets the stage for more reading time.

Spanish graphic novels also help readers strengthen vocabulary. While the text may contain advanced vocabulary words, the side-by-side illustrations provide support for understanding the meaning of unknown words.

They can also help readers with comprehension and story structure! The combination of text and illustrations provides context for storylines that kids might not otherwise understand. And most graphic novels have a strong, sequential plot – making it easier for kids to understand and talk about what happens first, next, and last.

Take a look to find a new graphic novel for your child!

Spanish Graphic Novels for Kids

Narval y Medu

by Ben Clanton, translated by Teresa Farran i Vert [Ages 5-8]

A delightful series of four books about Narval (Narwhal) and Medu (Jelly). This graphic novel is for your youngest reader! These unlikely ocean friends discover new silly adventures in each book.


by Artur Laperla [Ages 6-13]

Follow the adventures of Superpatata, a potato with superpowers, as he battles villains and saves the day in this fun-filled Spanish graphic novel series.

El Club de Cómics de Supergatito

by Dav Pilkey [Ages 7+]

Welcome to the Cat Kid Comic Club, where Aleta, Moni and Peque Pedrito introduce twenty-one hilarious baby frogs to the art of comic making!

Banana Zorro y la Sociedad Superagria Secreta

by James Kochalka [Ages 7-10]

The great detective Banana Fox is called back to duty to find a missing turtle. Unfortunately, he discovers that The Secret Sour Society is back, and they’re causing trouble everywhere. Can Banana Fox and his sidekick, Flashlight, put an end to the Secret Sour Society once and for all?

Spanish Graphic Novels for Kids of All Ages from Bilingual Balance

Agus y los monstruos

by Jaume Copons, illustrated by Liliana Fortuny [Ages 7+]

This is a charming book series about Agus, a boy who used to be normal, until Sr. Flat set up shop in his room. Sr. Flat is a monster, and along with his monster friends, he takes Agus on some wild and wacky adventures. With 29 books in the series, this one will keep your child reading a while!

Hombre Perro

by Dav Pilkey [Ages 7+]

When Greg the police dog and his cop companion are injured on the job, a life-saving surgery changes the course of history, and Dog Man is born. With the head of a dog and the body of a human, this heroic hound has a real nose for justice. But can he resist the call of the wild to answer the call of duty? The link is to book one in a series of 10.

La hermanita de las niñeras

by Ann M. Martin, illustrated by Katy Farina [Ages 7-10]

A fresh and fun graphic novel series spin-off of The Baby-sitters Club, featuring Kristy’s little stepsister! My own daughter (third grade this year) has devoured this series recently. Karen isn’t supposed to spy on her neighbor, but Mrs. Porter wears robes, has wild gray hair, and a cat named Midnight. Karen’s going to prove that she’s truly a witch!

Sobreviví (Graphix)

by Lauren Tarshis, illustrated by Haus Studio [Ages 7-12]

A graphic novel series for your history-loving child, now made into graphic novels with art by Argentina-based Haus Studio. This New York Times bestselling I Survived series tells stories of young people and their resilience and strength in the midst of unimaginable disasters and times of turmoil.


by Raina Telgemeier [Ages 8+]

Stories of all the challenges that come with growing up! Raina just wants to be a normal sixth grader, but one day she falls and injures her two front teeth. You’ll follow along with her recovery and navigation of all the other middle school drama. More to explore by this author: Agallas, Hermanas, Fantasmas, and Drama


by Megan Wagner Lloyd, illustrated by Michelle Mee Nutter [Ages 8-12]

A compelling story for middle grade readers about a young girl who has severe allergies but wants to find the perfect pet! Follow along with Maggie, who is the odd one out in her family, as she learns about herself, her family, and whether she can ever get her dream dog!


by Thom Pico and Karensac [Ages 8-12]

A fun, action-packed fantasy adventure about a girl, her dog, and magic gone wrong! Olivia and her family move to the middle of nowhere and she knows she’ll be super bored. But when a trickster spirit gives Olivia three wishes, magic will change her life!


by Jim Benton [Ages 8-12]

He’s blue, he’s a bit of a grouch, and his best friend is a dim-witted cat named Blurmp who can see the bright side of anything. From pizza and computers, to love and happiness, this crabby tabby has a funny take on just about everything, and he’s not afraid to share it. This collection of short comic stories will make even the grumpiest of grouches crack up and is not to be missed!

Srta. Quinces

by Kat Fajardo [Ages 8-12]

A compelling middle-grade graphic novel about a young girl who would rather do anything than celebrate her quinceañera! Instead of spending summer with her friends, Sue gets stuck going to Honduras with her parents and two sisters to visit family. What’s worse, Sue’s mother says they’re going to have a surprise quinceañera for her – the last thing she wants! How will she survive this summer?

15 Must-Read Spanish Graphic Novels for Bilingual Kids from Bilingual Balance

Los futbolísimos

by Roberto Santiago [Ages 10-12]

Join a group of soccer-loving kids as they solve mysteries and navigate the ups and downs of friendship in this engaging Spanish graphic novel series.

Enola Holmes

by Nancy Springer, illustrated by Serena Blasco [Ages 12+]

Enola Holmes is on the case! The younger sister of detective Sherlock Holmes, Enola wakes up on her 14th birthday to discover that her mother has disappeared, leaving only a collection of flowers and a coded message book. A series for your mystery lover!

Which one will ignite your child’s reading passion? I hope one of these graphic novels will get your child reaching for a book today! Stick around for more resources, tips, and activities to make Spanish fun and meaningful for your family!

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