Spanish Music for Little Kids

Spanish Music for Little Kids

I’d love to share some of my family’s favorite resources for Spanish and bilingual music with you!  We have music on throughout the day at our house.  We put it on while we’re cooking, reading, or playing together.  It brightens our day, starts sing-alongs and dance parties, and lets my kids (ages 1 to 7) hear Spanish from another source (besides me!).

Why use music at home with your kids?  Music is so important to use in the classroom and at home.  It has cognitive benefits for kids and is a wonderful way to get more Spanish language learning!

Music has a number of cognitive benefits for kids, including helping with language development and reading comprehension!  Listening to music benefits our brain development and brings us joy.  We can sing to our babies before they’re even born and then help them develop a love of music to last a lifetime.

Music can also be an excellent way for kids to experience Spanish from an outside source.  It’s an easy way to “outsource” Spanish language without spending money on a Spanish class or tutor.  Raising bilingual kids isn’t easy!  Maybe you’re like me and sometimes just need a break from being the only one speaking to your kids in Spanish during the day.  Through music, they can hear the language from native speakers and people with different accents.

Whether you speak Spanish or not, playing music can show your children a little bit of the world that is opening up to them when they learn another language!  Check out these recommendations for artists, groups, and websites to find some bilingual or Spanish music to inspire your child’s language learning!

I’ve linked to one way to find the music recommendations, but of course, feel free to explore using your preferred music source like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, or any other!


  • 123 con Andrés – A Latin Grammy winning duo (Andrés and Christina) with fun, energetic Spanish and bilingual music.  All three of my kids love their music, and they have some great songs for classroom use as well!
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  • Ana Calabrese – We just found out about her music and have enjoyed listening to her educational songs.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz – Their album “Tu eres mi flor: Songs for Children en Español” has beautiful, calm songs perfect for background music.
  • Mister G – Latin Grammy winner with several bilingual albums made for kids, my favorite is “Mundo verde.”
  • Spanish Playtime – The Muévete album is a HUGE hit at our house, and I love these for classroom use, too!
  • TrepsiFun, silly music that I’d recommend for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.



Get started with my Spotify playlist:

There you go!! Have fun exploring some new Spanish and bilingual songs with your kids! Try a few of these ideas today, and I hope you’ll pin this page to come back and try some new ones when you need some more inspiration!

The best Spanish and bilingual music for little kids to enjoy.

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