Spanish Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Spanish Thanksgiving Books for Kids

12 Titles to Enjoy with Your Kids or Students

Today I’m sharing my favorite Thanksgiving books for kids in Spanish and English! These beautiful books will help you teach your little ones about Thanksgiving. What’s more, they’ll help you discuss the importance of being thankful in our daily lives.

This year more than ever, it’s important to help our kids experience and express gratitude. Instilling gratitude in our kids can help them become happier people as they grow up. We can model for our kids an appreciation of even the smallest things in life, teach them to say thank you and how to choose a positive and appreciative perspective.

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”

-Zig Ziglar

Kick off the month of November with one of these stories! Especially at Thanksgiving, and all year long, I hope you and your children will know the powerful importance of a grateful heart. These Thanksgiving books are recommended for a variety of ages from preschoolers up to about third grade. Let me know which ones are your favorites!

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12 bilingual and Spanish books for kids about Thanksgiving and gratitude.
My sweet mom, the children’s book queen, gifted us this adorable bilingual book

Gracias El Pavo de Thanksgiving

by Joy Cowley, illustrated by Joe Cepeda

Our favorite Thanksgiving book, this one is available in a bilingual or Spanish version. Papa sends Miguel a turkey to fatten up before Thanksgiving, but he ends up growing a friendship with it.

English (bilingual): Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey

¡Gracias / Thanks!

by Pat Mora, illustrated by John Parra

A bilingual book, this is a wonderful resource for kids on expressing gratitude for many things. It has won several awards for the beautiful words and illustrations.

¡Gracias, Omu!

by Oge Mora

This book showcases themes of sharing and community, and was inspired by loving female role models in the author’s life. Omu (AH-moo) is what she called her grandma. Not really about Thanksgiving, but a good lesson on thankfulness.

English: Thank You, Omu!

Clifford y el Día de Acción de Gracias

by Norman Bridwell

All three of my kids have loved the Clifford books. In this one, Clifford and Emily Elizabeth discover just how much they have to be thankful for.

English: Clifford’s Thanksgiving Visit

Celebra el Día de Acción de Gracias con Beto y Gaby

by Alma Flor Ada & F. Isabel Campoy, illustrated by Claudia Rueda

I can never pass up a book by the talented Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy! A sweet story about Gaby and Beto and their big celebration (even if it snows!). It also includes facts about the history of Thanksgiving.

English: Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Beto and Gaby

Arturo y el Día de Acción de Gracias

by Marc Tolon Brown, translated by Esther Sarfatti

Do your kids enjoy the Arthur series? In this tale, Arthur struggles with his role as the director of the Thanksgiving play.

English: Arthur’s Thanksgiving

¿Pavo para la Cena de Gracias? ¡No, gracias!

by Alma Flor Ada, illustrated by Viv Escriva

Reminiscent of Charlotte’s Web, this cute story is about a spider helping a turkey find a way to avoid being eaten on Thanksgiving!

Rubber Shoes… A Lesson in Gratitude / Los Zapatos de Goma… Una Lección de Gratitud

by Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri, illustrated by Lina Safar

A bilingual English/Spanish story, this one helps kids appreciate their belongings. Gladys Elizabeth doesn’t like the shoes her mother picked out for her, until she learns an importance lesson in gratitude.

I’m Thankful Each Day! / Doy Gracias Cada Día!

by P. K. Hallinan

Another bilingual book, this one is a great conversation starter on ways for kids (or adults!) to be thankful any and every day.

Squanto Y El Primer Día De Acción De Gracias / Squanto and the First Thanksgiving

by Joyce K. Kessel, illustrated by Lisa Donze

An introduction to the life of the Native American Squanto, who taught the Pilgrims how to survive in a new land when they arrived in 1620.

English: Squanto and the First Thanksgiving

¿Qué fue el Primer Día de Acción de Gracias?

by Joan Holub, illustrated by Lauren Mortimer

A look at the history of the first feast! After their first harvest in 1621, the Pilgrims at Plymouth shared a three day feast with their Native American neighbors.

English: What Was the First Thanksgiving?

La casa del árbol #27 Jueves de Acción de Gracias

by Mary Pope Osborne

La casa del árbol # 27Jueves de Acción de Gracia (Spanish Edition) (La Casa Del Arbol / Magic Tree House)

If you have a reader at home who is ready for the Magic Tree House books, we highly recommend them! My second grade students adored them, and younger kids could enjoy them read aloud. Like the rest of the series, this book is full of history presented in an entertaining way!

English: Thanksgiving on Thursday

Thanksgiving and gratitude books for kids: 12 Spanish and bilingual titles.

A few extra favorites that are only available in English:

Want to read more about fostering gratitude in your kids? Check out one of these inspiring articles:

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Enjoy these beautiful Thanksgiving books for kids. And visit my Fall board on Pinterest for more fun Thanksgiving ideas!

Thanks for sharing!

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