Spanish Travel Bingo for Kids

Spanish Travel Bingo for Kids

A free Spanish bingo printable for your next road trip!

If you’re heading out on a family trip soon, I’ve got the perfect language learning activity for you. Let’s add some interactive Spanish vocabulary practice to your next viaje!

What better way to use extended time in the car than to build kids’ Spanish with travel bingo? You and your child will be entertained as you search for common travel items like una casa (a house), un banco (a bank), or un río (a river) together. Practice trip-themed vocabulary and mark the words off on your bingo cards.

All you need are your bags, the bingo cards, and a family vacation! I truly think it’s these small, ordinary moments infused with Spanish that make language learning meaningful. We want our kids to create positive childhood memories in our target language, ones that include fun family bonding. This road trip bingo will give you all something to look forward to while heading to your destination.

The free printable includes THREE bingo cards with 25 spaces each (including 1 free in the center). Print them off in color or on colored paper, pick something to write with, and start playing. Even better if you can laminate them and use a white board marker to make them reusable!

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How to play:

  1. Cross off the free space in the center.
  2. Cross off each item as you see it on your trip.
  3. Shout “Bingo!” when you cross off an entire row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally).
  4. The first player to get Bingo wins.
  5. Alternately, play until everyone has one Bingo.

A quick note on language diversity… Spanish is an amazingly diverse language. Spanish speakers from different countries and regions may have different words for these bingo items. Feel free to share a word variation (and where you’re from) in the comments section.

Ready to take off on your trip? Print your free bingo cards with the link below. And please share this post with friends and family who would also like to play! Come back soon as I’ll have a post full of our very favorite Spanish travel books to explore the world.

Spanish Bingo Cards

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