Hi, I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m Jenna – believer, mom of three, elementary teacher, and reading specialist.  This site is just me, my kids, and our language learning journey!

I have experience teaching in bilingual (Spanish and English) programs in three different states, and I have a Master’s degree as an elementary reading specialist.  But my favorite role is mom to my three little ones!

I didn’t grow up learning Spanish; I grew up in a wonderful small town in Iowa and started Spanish classes when I was in high school.  With some amazing teachers, support from my parents, and a pivotal Spanish trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, I fell in love with the language and learning about other cultures!  I went on to study Spanish and elementary education in college and had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Mexico.

In my teaching career, I’ve met so many wonderful families who made the choice to raise their kids bilingually and enroll them in a bilingual school.  Whether they speak all Spanish at home, all English, both, or other languages, they know the value of the gift they’re giving their children.  I searched for and gathered countless resources for improving my own instruction and for families looking to help at home.

When I had my own children, my husband and I knew we wanted to raise them to be bilingual, and to start as early as possible.  So I’ve been speaking in Spanish and English to my children all of their lives, and I love to see their little hearts and minds grow as they learn.  But it’s hard balancing two languages – especially when I’m not a native speaker and most of our family and friends only speak English.  We’ve changed our language strategies (like when and how often we speak each language) a few times over the years, but we’ve kept with it, and learned so much along the way!

Now my oldest son is in our school district’s Spanish immersion program (a very new program in its first years) and I’m meeting so many amazing families who also chose immersion education.  Like me, they want to see their kids succeed and to support their language learning.

I so hope that the information, tips, and resources I share will be supportive and encouraging for your family or for your teaching!

Find your balance,