• Spanish music for big kids: elementary and middle school ages

    Great Spanish Music for Big Kids

    Songs for kids in elementary and middle school Are your kids ready to move past nursery rhymes and cute songs for young children?  We listen to Spanish music often in our bilingual home, and we’ve discovered some wonderful artists and…

  • The best Spanish YouTube channels for kids

    Spanish YouTube Channels for Kids

    A round-up of YouTube channels for kids learning Spanish I’ve done the digging for you to find some of the very best YouTube channels for bilingual kids! These channels will help you provide some Spanish language input – letting children…

  • Spanish resources to use for learning at home.

    Spanish Learning at Home Resources

    By now you’ve heard the news that all Minnesota schools are closed for the next two weeks! With schools closing all over the country, and families looking for ways to keep their kids learning while at home, I’ve compiled a…

  • Spanish music recommendations for little kids.

    Spanish Music for Little Kids

    I’d love to share some of my family’s favorite resources for Spanish and bilingual music with you!  We have music on throughout the day at our house.  We put it on while we’re cooking, reading, or playing together.  It brightens…