Spanish YouTube Channels for Kids

Spanish YouTube Channels for Kids

A round-up of YouTube channels for kids learning Spanish

I’ve done the digging for you to find some of the very best YouTube channels for bilingual kids! These channels will help you provide some Spanish language input – letting children see and hear the language – for your students or your own kids. Many of them are educational, with slow speech and targeted vocabulary for kids who are learning Spanish. Some are geared specifically for children learning the language. Others are for fun – music, cartoons, and other children’s programming in Spanish.

Why use Spanish YouTube channels? In the classroom, they can provide short, educational videos for kids learning Spanish. Teachers can add meaningful content to enhance their lessons, provide language from native speakers, and add cultural insights to their classes.

At home, they can give parents a break from speaking Spanish while still providing language for kids. Or, they can help parents who don’t speak Spanish give their kids some language learning time in their day.

Whether you use these in your classroom or with your kids at home, I know you’ll find some engaging content! The recommendations are categorized into four sections:

  • Channels best suited for toddlers and preschoolers
  • Channels best for language learning
  • Channels that have educational cartoons
  • Channels for music and movement

For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Many of these could also be quality programs for lower elementary students who are just starting out learning Spanish.

Atención Atención – A fun and silly music-based program for kids. This channel helps kids learn while they are dancing and singing!

A Tiempo Preescolar – Mi perro Chocolo

A Tiempo Preescolar – Entertaining programs that get kids singing, dancing, and learning. Even my first grader enjoys learning along with “Mi perro Chocolo.”

Leoncito Alado – Aimed at children ages 1 to 4, this channel is full of engaging songs and nursery rhymes.

Luna Creciente – Nursery rhymes, lullabies for babies and toddlers, and very beginning phonics skills through the show “El mono sílabo.”

Pica – Pica

Pica – Pica – A children’s program from Spain. They have short, theatrical videos that are funny and full of music.

Semillitas TV – A channel for babies through preschoolers. It includes educational content, music, games, and clips of entertaining children’s shows.

For Language Learning

Choose one of these to use in the classroom or with children who are learning Spanish as a second language.

Basho & Friends – Short language learning videos that include stories, songs, and lessons. You’ll find many of their songs in my Music recommendations as well!

Calico Spanish – This channel has engaging video stories, games, activities, and music for young kids who are learning Spanish.

Cantoalegre – This Colombian channel is geared for toddler and preschool children, but the music videos with lyrics on the screen would be an excellent language-learning and reading resource.

El Perro y El Gato

El Perro y El Gato – A simple language-learning channel from HBO Latino for beginning Spanish learners. It uses a mix of English and Spanish to teach specific vocabulary around themes.

Oh Noah! – This is a PBS Kids show that is aimed at young children who want to get started learning Spanish. It is mostly in English, and kids learn specific vocabulary and phrases along with Noah.

Rockalingua – A channel for teaching kids Spanish vocabulary (like colors, numbers, greetings…) through music and videos. Excellent source for teachers and parents of kids starting out their language learning.

Smile and Learn

Smile and Learn Español – A language-learning channel for teachers of children ages 3 to 12. Choose programs for learning about math, music, science, or even doing yoga – among many other topics!

¡Habla Pamela!

Spanish Playground – A channel full of excellent language-learning videos for kids (or adults) who want to learn Spanish. Great resource for Spanish teachers as you can easily find videos on countless vocabulary topics. I recommend ¡Habla Jorge! and ¡Habla Pamela!

Super Simple Español – I recently discovered these fun, short videos and all of my kids (toddler to first grader) love them! Perfect for young language learners – toddlers through early elementary. Learning songs about numbers, colors, feelings, animals, and much more. Check out “Vamos al zoológico“!

Spanish Cartoons

Add in some fun and entertaining content for kids with these educational children’s programs.

Cartoons from Spanish-speaking countries:

A Tiempo Kids – A channel geared towards elementary-aged kids with entertaining and educational programs. I’d recommend it for kids who already have a good Spanish foundation.

CNTV Infantil – Camaleón

CNTV Infantil – A children’s channel from Chile full of educational shows. Follow along to do Youtuber-style children’s crafts, learn science with “Camaleón y las ciencias naturales,” or learn along with “Serie Pichintún.”

Mundo VEOVEO – Children’s programs from Ecuador for a variety of ages, baby to elementary. We particularly like “Hoy, cocino yo” aimed at children ages 3-6.

Mundo Zamba – This is a TV series about an adventurous eight-year-old. It is from the channel Pakapaka from the Ministry of Education of Argentina. Another channel I recommend for bilingual kids who already have some Spanish language skills.

Once Niños – Songs, music videos, and fun shows for kids. This channel is from the Mexican educational broadcast television network.

Familiar cartoons made into Spanish:

El mundo divertido de Peep

El Mundo Divertido de Peep – A silly cartoon geared towards preschoolers. However, it has slower speech and less talking that make it a great choice for beginning Spanish learners.

Masha y El Oso – You might already know this one in English (also on Netflix). A comical show about a mischevious little girl and her forest friends, it appeals to a variety of ages and language abilities.

Peppa Pig Español Latino – If your kids already love Peppa Pig, why not watch it in Spanish? Most families know this one – entertaining stories of a family of pigs.

Do your kids have other favorite shows? Try searching for them in Spanish on YouTube and see what you can find! We also enjoy watching Aventuras con los Kratt (Wild Kratts) in Spanish.

Music & Movement

Kidz Bop En Español – For kids who love music and dancing, these videos with easy-to-learn choreography are a hit! Perfect for a brain break and physical movement at school or at home.

¡Vamos! GoNoodle – If your kids or students love GoNoodle, check out their newest Spanish site! We use these engaging videos for dancing, brain breaks, language learning, and to add in some FUN to our day!

Yoga para Niños from Smile & Learn – I recommended Smile & Learn above, and they have specific kids’ yoga videos in Spanish that would be perfect for classroom yoga or a fun new routine with kids at home.

Entertaining and educational Spanish YouTube channels for kids.  The best recommendations for preschoolers, language learning, cartoons, and music/movement!

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of Spanish kids’ YouTube channels! Please follow me on social media to stay up-to-date on my newest articles for bilingual parenting and teaching!

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