Great Spanish Music for Big Kids

Great Spanish Music for Big Kids

Songs for kids in elementary and middle school

Are your kids ready to move past nursery rhymes and cute songs for young children?  We listen to Spanish music often in our bilingual home, and we’ve discovered some wonderful artists and songs that older bilingual kids – elementary school to middle school ages – will love.

Music is one of the easiest and most fun ways we incorporate Spanish language into our daily routines at home.  As a non-native speaker myself raising bilingual kids, I love being able to listen along with them to authentic Spanish music.  We’re learning, dancing, singing along, and having fun!

These artists have awesome songs that are catchy, but also clean and appropriate for kids.  Many of the songs are educational and great for different levels of language skills. So they are wonderful for kids just learning some Spanish to those who are truly bilingual.

The Spotify playlist I’ve created has a wide range of styles and themes to explore.  I hope it can be a great starting place to finding the Spanish music your children love listening to.  If you’d like more, I also have a post with music recommendations for little kids.

Artists & Albums to Explore:

Álvaro Soler – While not all of his songs are kid-friendly, he has some excellent, clean choices for older kids like “Volar,” “El Mismo Sol,” and “Yo Contigo, Tú Conmigo” (below).

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Basho & Friends – Songs and music videos in Spanish, English, Mandarin, and French. Perfect, catchy songs for language-learners!

KIDZ BOP Kids – Popular Spanish songs made into kid-friendly and dance-worthy hits. Many of our favorites include English and Spanish lyrics, like “Señorita.”

Mister G – A Latin grammy-winning artist with fun and educational songs for kids young and old. Our favorite is his album with Earth-friendly themes, “Mundo Verde,” but we are also enjoying his newest album with José V, “Ritmo y Rima.”

Nathalia – Her album “En la Radio” has some wonderful songs that will get stuck in your head! Many have bilingual (English and Spanish) lyrics.

Sonia de los Santos – Music for the whole family! Her album “Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León To The New York Island” is a favorite at our house. Her more recent album “¡Alegría!” was nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Spanish Disney Songs – The Disney songs your kids already know and love – and you can listen in Spanish. I’ve included many popular choices in my Spotify playlist.

Tu Rockcito – A rock music group great for kids and families – my son loves thier upbeat songs. Check out “Mil Vueltas” or “Vivo a Mi Manera.” They have been nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Shuffle and enjoy these kid-friendly hits in my Spotify playlist!

What other recommendations would you add? I’d love to hear in the comments below or at

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Wonderful Spanish music that older kids – elementary school to middle school ages - will love.

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