50 Positive Affirmations to Tell Your Child – in Spanish & English

50 Positive Affirmations to Tell Your Child – in Spanish & English

With a free printable in both languages

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.”

Parenting specialist Peggy O’Mara once wrote these impactful words and her quote resonates with me as a teacher and as a parent. Our words have so much power to influence how our children feel about themselves and the world around them. The words that we choose today have an impact. In this post you’ll find 50 words of encouragement you can share with your child today and every day.

Why Positive Affirmations?

Research shows that positive affirmations reduce stress and increase optimism and resiliency, along with self-efficacy. They are a great approach to positive thinking for children and adults.

We want our children to grow up believing in themselves. Believing that they are capable, brave, and resilient. These positive affirmations are simple words that will empower your child. They can help them combat negative self-talk. Most importantly, learn to treat themselves with grace and love.

You’ll see that the statements I’ve selected focus on self-worth and mindfulness. It’s important for children to value effort and growth, and to keep trying when faced with adversity. Many affirmations emphasize practice, effort, and learning to help promote a growth mindset in your child.

Affirmations help promote a positive mindset for your child. They can help you encourage your child in a tough moment and help them believe in themselves when you’re not around. Our words can become what they think about themselves, and we want to help them grow into resilient, self-confident, and loving people.

Encourage Your Child

A few favorites to get you started on your way to inspiring positivity in your child today…

  • You are wonderfully unique. Eres maravillosamente único/a.
  • Your kindness makes a difference to others. Tu amabilidad hace una diferencia para los demás.
  • You can do hard things. Puedes lograr cosas difíciles.
  • I am so grateful for you. Estoy muy agredicido/a por ti.
  • I believe in you. Creo en ti.
  • I love and respect you. Te amo y te respeto.
  • Your challenges help you to grow. Tus desafíos te ayudan a crecer.

50 positive affirmations to tell your child in English or Spanish from Bilingual Balance.

Ideas for Using Positive Affirmations

I have these affirmations hung up on my fridge, and have been highlighting two each week that I focus on saying to my three children. Choose one or two to focus on at a time and continue to add new affirmations as you become comfortable using these phrases and find which ones are best for your family.

You might also cut out the phrases from the printable and put the paper strips in a jar. Pick out one at a time to try using with your child. Or, put the affirmation strips someplace your child will see them. Perhaps you tape one to your child’s bathroom mirror or tuck one inside her pocket or lunchbox. These affirmations are sure to provide a quick dose of encouragement to your child’s day.

Another idea would be to write these positive affirmations in a special spot for your child. Perhaps you write one on a sticky note and place it on a pillow or nightstand to be found in the morning. Or again, sneak it into a lunchbox or backpack. Your child might even like to pick the affirmations that are most meaningful to them and save them somewhere special – like writing them down in a journal.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, how about writing fourteen affirmations out on hearts to stick on your child’s bedroom door? Add one heart each morning until Valentine’s Day to express your love for your child, or keep going all month!

These empowering affirmations can be put into personal statements for your child as well. Change any of them to help your child say the words of affirmation for him/herself. “I can do hard things.” “I stand for what is right.” “My kindness makes a difference to others.”

50 positive affirmations to tell your child - with free English and Spanish printables.
Heart affirmations on my daughter’s door during February

Click on the link below to download your free printable!

Positive Affirmations in English & Spanish

I hope these Spanish and English printable affirmations empower you and your kids to choose a positive mindset today and every day!

What other positive affirmations do you say to your children in Spanish or English? Let me know in the comments! And I’d love to connect with you on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.

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4 thoughts on “50 Positive Affirmations to Tell Your Child – in Spanish & English

  1. Dearest beautiful Jenna,

    I LOVE this post with every ounce of my heart. I will use some of these new affirmations and LOVE the Valentine idea. My children love sticky note messages that I place on their bathroom mirror with drawings so my youngest ones comprehend the affirmations too.

    You are such a gift to many. Thank you for sharing your heart song with me and the world.

    Brights blessings! ♥️

  2. Love affirmations! We all need to have a growth mindset to build our self-esteem. I love that it is bilingual so that parents can strengthen both languages.

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