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    The Essential Gift Guide for Bilingual Kids

    The holiday season has arrived!  Have you been searching for a fun and educational gift for your bilingual or multilingual child?  I have some wonderful ideas for you that will get your child building, exploring, and imagining – in any…

  • Elementary Spanish calendar routine ideas.

    Elementary Spanish Calendar Routine Ideas

    Many preschool and elementary classrooms start each morning off with a calendar routine.  While doing distance learning at home with my kids, we even started our morning routine with calendar time!  Here are some ideas for how to enhance your…

  • Top picks for free online Spanish learning for kids.

    Free Online Summer Spanish Learning for Kids

    Virtual lessons, programs, and “camps” for preschool and elementary-aged kids Add in some fun Spanish learning adventures for your kids this summer – completely online!  These websites, video lessons, and true virtual summer camps will keep your kids learning in…