Spanish Back-to-School Books for Kids

Spanish Back-to-School Books for Kids

The school year is about to start for my kids! It’s a new beginning for my three kids – my oldest starts fifth grade, my middle child is in third, and my baby gets started with kindergarten. The teacher in me loves this back-to-school season: the new school supplies, the excitement, the amazing back-to-school books.

I’ve pulled out all of my school books to get my own kids excited to start a new year. My kindergartener has understandably been both excited and nervous. Enjoying these titles together before she heads off on her first day has helped to calm her nerves. Books are a powerful tool – for parents and teachers – to talk about school themes.

Grab one of these titles to introduce classroom-themed vocabulary, discuss unfamiliar procedures like taking the bus, or address back-to-school anxiety. Use them to discuss being kind to classmates, showing respect for teachers and the classroom, and helping new classmates feel welcome and included.

Take a look to find one for your own little learners! These sweet picture books are for a variety of young kids – recommended for preschool through second grade (you’ll see some are better for the littles and some better for older kids).

In this post you’ll find:

  • Books about Going to School
  • Books about First Day Jitters
  • Books about Classroom Community
  • Books about Teachers
  • Books about School Rules

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Books about Going to School

Si llevas un ratón a la escuela

by Laura Numeroff, illustraded by Felicia Bond

Si llevas un raton a la escuela (Spanish Edition)

One of our very favorites for back-to-school time. Little Mouse adds an extra fun twist when he tags along to a young boy’s school day. A classic book to start the year!

Lola va a la escuela

by Anna McQuinn, illustrated by Rosalind Bradshaw

Lola va a la escuela (Lola Reads) (Spanish Edition)

We love the Lola series books, and this one will get young students excited and reassured about the first day. Lola gets ready with her family, takes pictures, and heads to school to play and read. Before she knows it, it’s time to go home!

¡Prepárate, Kindergarten, ¡Allá voy!

written and illustrated by Nancy Carlson

Henry isn’t so sure he’s ready for school, but when he gets there he realizes how much fun school is! This story will walk new kindergarteners through the school day, getting them excited for all the new activities.

David va a la escuela

by David Shannon

Part of the David book series, this humorous story will have kids laughing! David is full of energy and causing trouble at every turn for his teacher and classmates.

Clifford va a la escuela

by Norman Bridwell

Clifford va a la escuela (Spanish Edition)

Puppy Clifford gets into all kinds of messes when Emily Elizabeth takes him to school! We also have and love Clifford va a Kindergarten if you have a new kindergartener this year like me.

Froggy va a la escuela

by Jonathan London, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Froggy va a la escuela

If your kids love Froggy like my first graders did, this is a great choice to start the year. A cute story about the excitement of Froggy’s big day.

Spanish Back-to-School Books: about starting school, first day jitters, classroom community, teachers, and rules.

Books about First Day Jitters

Isabel and Her Colores Go To School

by Alexandra Alessandri, illustrated by Courtney Dawson

This touching story can be read entirely in Spanish or in English. It is about little Isabel, who only speaks Spanish, and is just starting at a new school. Isabel knows her teacher and classmates will speak English, and she’s worried about learning a new language. On her first day, Isabel learns that she can make new friends even if they don’t speak each other’s languages – yet!

Mariposas en el primer día de clases

by Annie Silvestro, illustrated by Dream Chen

A new favorite for your class! This beautifully illustrated book will be relatable – because the first week is both exciting and scary. Rosie has a stomachache before the first day of school, and her mom assures her it’s just butterflies. When she gets on the bus, she meets a new friend and a butterfly escapes her mouth! Find out all the ways she loses her butterflies throughout the day in this sweet book.

¿Qué se dice en la escuela?: Un cuento sobre el primer día de la escuela

by Sara Pletcher, illustrated by Randall Pletcher

This amazing book is about Sofía and her first day at a bilingual school. We follow along with her as she figures out how she’ll communicate with her teacher and peers in a new language. Love this for dual language classrooms!

Un beso en mi mano

by Audrey Penn, illustrated by Ruth Harper

Un beso en mi mano (The Kissing Hand Series)

A classic for kids who miss their parents when they start school. Raccoon is off to school and her mother shows her how a kiss in her hand can remind her of her family’s love all day.

Books about Classroom Community

Somos un arco iris / We Are a Rainbow

by Nancy Maria Grande Tabor

Somos un arco iris / We Are a Rainbow (Charlesbridge Bilingual Books)

This book celebrates that all students in the class are unique. A great choice to highlight student’s differences (especially in a dual language class with native English and native Spanish speakers) and start the year off as a classroom family that respects everyone.

Todo el mundo cabe aquí

by Alexandra Penfold, illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman, translated by Concha Cardeñoso Sáenz de Miera

I’m so thankful to see this book available in Spanish! In this school, you’ll see that everyone belongs, is valued, and respected. This story will get your class talking about ways in which they can include a new classmate, reach out to someone alone at lunch, and be kind on the playground. A truly inspiring story of the importance of inclusion and respect at school.


written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes

Crisantemo (Spanish Edition)

Another classic book, Crisantemo is a passionate mouse who stops liking her name when her classmates make fun of it. However, with the help of a new music teacher, she decides her name is perfect for her!

Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match / Marisol McDonald no combina

by Monica Brown, illustrated by Sara Palacios

An excellent book to help kids be proud of who they are, even (and especially) if it’s different than everyone else! Marisol McDonald is a biracial little girl who does things her very own, mixed up, unique way.

Alma y cómo obtuvo su nombre

by Juana Martinez-Neal

Alma y cómo obtuvo su nombre (Spanish Edition)

Alma Sofia Esperanza José Pura Candela has six names – and she thinks that’s too many! But when she learns about the special person and story behind each name, she becomes proud of her name and heritage.

¿Has llenado una cubeta hoy?

by Carol McCloud, illustrated by David Messing

¿Has Llenado una Cubeta Hoy?: Una Guía Diaria de Felicidad para Niños (Spanish and English Edition)

This inspiring story teaches kids the importance of building others up with our words and actions. When we use kind words, help someone, or give a hug, we fill someone’s bucket. But we can also be bucket dippers, too.

René tiene dos apellidos

by René Colato Laínez, illustrated by Fabiola Graullera Ramirez

Young René Colato Laínez is from El Salvador and has two last names. When his teacher leaves off his second last name, he feels like he lost half his family. Then he gets to present his family tree to the class, and he shows them the importance of both his family names.

Nuestra clase es una familia

by Shannon Olsen, illustrated by Sandie Sonke

One of my favorites for lower elementary! This adorable story centers around the power of classroom community. It will inspire your students to consider their classmates family – working, playing, learning, and building friendships together.

Books about Teachers

¡La Señorita Nelson ha desaparecido!

by Harry G. Allard, Jr., illustrated by James Marshall

Room 207’s teacher is missing! One day, the students’ kind, caring teacher is replaced by a mean, tough substitute. The class learns to appreciate Srta. Nelson and show her respect.

¡Que Nervios! El Primer Día de Escuela

by Julie Danneberg, illustrated by Judy Love

Que Nervios! El Primer Dia de Escuela

Sarah Jane Hartwell is starting at a new school and feeling nervous and scared. Thankfully, she meets the amazing Mrs. Burton, who makes all the difference in a great start to school!

Books about School Rules

¿Cómo van a la escuela los dinosaurios?

by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Mark Teague

Another hilarious story, this one is all about some funny dinosasurs who show us what to do (or what NOT to do) in school. A great discussion starter about appropriate classroom behavior.

Reglas en el salón de clases

by Dwayne Hicks

On Abby’s first day of school, she and her classmates have fun learning all about their new rules. This simple and clear series also includes rules for the school, library, playground, and school bus – all in English or Spanish.

La escuela de buenas maneras de Doña Carmela

by James Maclaine, illustrated by Rosie Reeve

Picture of La escuela de buenas maneras de doña Carmela

Follow along with little raccoon Alberto as he goes through his school day. His teacher, Doña Carmela, helps him change his bad manners to good ones by teaching him the rules in each area of the school.

Enjoy the first weeks of a new school year! I hope these books will calm your kids’ fears and get them excited to have fun learning.

Happy reading!


The best Spanish back-to-school books for kids

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