Bilingual Summer Writing Bucket List

Bilingual Summer Writing Bucket List

Get your kids engaged in some fun summer writing practice this year with a free printable bucket list of ideas!

Summer is the perfect time to let kids explore their own interests and write about whatever they choose. Whether they’d like to write a story about a family vacation, an acrostic poem for a friend, or a made-up book about fairies or dragons, you can help set your child up for success.

Carving out time for daily writing practice, gathering a variety of writing supplies, and helping your child get started with ideas will help your child want to practice writing all summer long. These ideas were selected for elementary-aged kids.

Discover all of our summer literacy resources:

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Download the English/Spanish free printable below

Summer Writing Ideas List

I’ll help you get started with a free printable list of 30 fun summer writing ideas. You can use it in Spanish OR English! Print it off, stick it on your fridge, and see how many you and your kids can cross off this summer! Here are the ideas with some links to book lists or ideas.

  • Escribir e ilustrar un poema. (Write and illustrate a poem)
  • Escribir una guía de cómo hacer algo. (Write a how-to guide)
  • Escribir una lista de tus cosas favoritas. (Write a list of your favorites)
  • Escribirle una carta a un amigo. (Write a letter to a friend)
  • Escribir un cuento acerca de tu familia. (Write a story about your family)
  • Escribir afuera debajo de un árbol. (Write outside under a tree)
  • Escribir un poema acróstico. (Write an acrostic poem)
  • Hacer una fortaleza y escribir adentro. (Make a fort and write inside)
  • Escribir una receta. (Write a recipe)
  • Escribir un cuento con un amigo. (Write a story with a friend)
  • Escribir en un diario. (Write in a journal) Or try Wreck This JournalDestroza este diario
A fun guided journal for kids in Spanish (linked above “un diario”)
  • Escribir cómo jugar tu deporte favorito. (Write how to play your favorite sport)
  • Escribir en tu patio. (Write in your backyard)
  • Escribir un cuento acerca de una aventura del verano. (Write a story about a summer adventure)
  • Escribir un cuento con calcomanías. (Write a story with stickers)
  • Escribir acerca de tu animal favorito. (Write about your favorite animal)
  • Reescribir el final de un libro. (Rewrite the end of a book)
  • Escribir en un diario de la naturaleza. (Write in a nature journal)
  • Escribir en la bañera. (Write in the bathtub)
  • Escribir una carta a alguien en tu familia. (Write a letter to someone in your family)
  • Escoger 10 palabras. Usarlas en un cuento. (Pick 10 words. Use them to write a story)
  • Ayudar a escribir la lista de compras. (Help write the grocery list)
  • Escribir un artículo de periódico. (Write a newspaper article)
  • Crear una caricatura. (Create a comic book)
  • Escribir un libro de bromas. (Write a joke book)
  • Escribir usando palabras cortadas de revistas. (Write using words cut from magazines)
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Save and collect any kid-friendly reading material in your target language (school handouts, mail, informational brochures…)
  • Escribir el cuento de un libro sin palabras. (Write the story of a wordless book)
  • Escribir acerca de una mascota. (Write about a pet)
  • Escribir un cuento solo acerca de ti. (Write a story all about you)
  • Escribir acerca de un experimento de ciencias. (Write about a science experiment)
At-home science experiments for kids (linked above)

Download the free printable here:

Summer Writing Ideas List

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Enjoy some fun summer writing time with your kids! Help them stay in the habit of writing each week – to practice their skills AND to keep learning new things all summer long.

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