Family-Friendly Spanish Music

Family-Friendly Spanish Music

Songs the whole family can enjoy together

My kids and I are almost always listening to Spanish music! It’s one simple way I incorporate extra language input for my kids during the day. We love songs that are catchy and fun to listen along to as we play, cook, draw, or ride in the car.

Sometimes, though, I get tired of all the baby, toddler, and kids’ music. It gets stuck in my head and I’m singing “Soy una serpiente” the rest of the day! I love Latin music as well, so I decided to create a new playlist that my kids and I would ALL enjoy.

Our Family-Friendly Spanish Music playlist includes a mix of fun and catchy songs for children as well as popular, clean songs for adults. A mix of songs that the whole family can enjoy together when you want to play Spanish music!

Favorite Artists

These are a few of our favorite artists featured in the playlist. Explore their songs to find some new favorites!

  • Álvaro Soler
  • Baila Baila
  • Julieta Venegas
  • Juanes
  • Kidz Bop Kids
  • Marc Anthony
  • Morat
  • Sonia De Los Santos

Listen Along

Listen along to the Family-Friendly Spanish Music playlist we created on Spotify – or right here! Remember to like the playlist to save it for later.

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Create Your Own

I hope my playlist can get you and your child started finding favorites for Spanish language time in your day! The key is selecting songs that you all can enjoy and want to listen to in your daily routines.

A few tips for creating your own family-friendly playlist:

1. Stick to the target language

Whether your minority language is Spanish, French, or Mandarin, stick to it when selecting your songs. The majority language (English for us) is a strong force that tries to creep into our daily lives whenever possible! Protect the times when you want to use the target language together by only choosing Spanish songs.

2. Choose favorites for your child

Be thoughtful and intentional about picking some of your child’s very favorite artists and songs so that listening to Spanish music will be FUN and entertaining! If you have more than one child, make selections that they all enjoy. Or, pick a few favorites for each child to add to the playlist. Try to select songs that everyone will like.

3. Select clean and appropriate favorites for you

Next, select songs that you love – in whichever genre – that your kids might find fun as well. Choose songs with clean lyrics that are appropriate for children. If you and your kids are learning Spanish together, find songs that have slower, comprehensible lyrics. In no time, you’ll be singing along together!

Family-Friendly Spanish Music for the whole family to enjoy - free Spotify playlist from Bilingual Balance.

4. Enjoy at home or on the go

Consistency is key to language learning, so choose a time each day – or throughout the week – that you listen to Spanish music together as a family. Perhaps you turn on our Spotify playlist while you make dinner together, eat snack after school, or get ready in the morning. Don’t forget about playing Spanish songs together while in the car or out and about!

Enjoy! I hope you and your child will love this Family-Friendly Spanish Music playlist as much as me and my three children! If our Spotify playlists are helpful for you as you incorporate Spanish language time, please spread the word and share them with others!

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  1. I absolutely love the wide range of family-friendly Spanish music recommendations on your website! As a parent, it’s often challenging to find content that is not only entertaining but also educational for my children. Your website has been a fantastic resource for discovering catchy tunes that promote language learning and cultural appreciation. The song selections are vibrant, diverse, and truly reflect the richness of Hispanic culture. Thank you for curating such an enjoyable playlist for families like mine to share and enjoy together. Keep up the fantastic work! Bella Montgomery.

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