Kids’ Worship Music in Spanish and English

Kids’ Worship Music in Spanish and English

We almost always have music on at home – and it’s often worship music for kids! We love listening in both English and Spanish. Growing up monolingual, learning Spanish and becoming bilingual has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. It opened up a world of possibilities. Now, I’m very intentionally working to pass on the gift of two languages to my kids.

But what greater gift can I pass on to my kids than faith? As a Christian, my faith in God is extremely important to me. My relationship with Christ is my hope, my peace, and my calm through the storms of life. And it is my greatest hope that my own three kids will continue to be disciples for Christ in our world as they grow. That God will work in their lives as He has worked in mine – and use them to bless others.

As parents, we are our kids’ first and most influential teachers. When we establish family values and beliefs, we model and instill them in our kids. And when we partner with other positive influences – grandparents, teachers, pastors, even books and music – our kids see those values and beliefs from others in a powerful way. I hope that these amazing Christian groups and artists will inspire you to fill your kids’ hearts and minds with some beautiful words of worship!

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Generación 12 Kids Our family’s favorite music group for kids’ Christian music! Based in Bogotá, Colombia, they are a ministry of Misión Carismática Internacional. We adore all of their beautiful worship songs.

Miel San Marcos Kids This music group is made up of amazingly talented kids! Their album “Agradecido” is played regularly at our house. Miel San Marcos is an internationally known Christian praise and worship band formed by three brothers in San Marcos, Guatemala. Check out their contemporary songs for adults as well!

Gateway Kids Worship We enjoy listening to their “Todos mis días” album – so many amazing songs. They are a ministry of Gateway Church based in Texas.

Hillsong Kids Español “¡Ruido Alegre!” is such a fun and engaging album. A children’s ministry group from Hillsong Church in Australia.

Yancy A Christian music artist based in Tennessee, Yancy Ministries writes and produces music for kids and adults. We’re thankful she created a Spanish album!

Rey de Reyes Kids This kids’ Christian band has albums that are sweet, upbeat, and perfect for singing along! Check out the songs “Somos niños” or “Me haces crecer.”

Generación Xtrema de Alabanza (GEN_XA) With three albums so far, we are loving what this group does! My oldest child, who is almost 8, loves their music the most.


Orange Kids Music Our top choice for English kids’ praise music! Definitely check this group out for music for preschoolers through high school. We discovered them because of their amazing Vacation Bible School music. Their album, “All Good” is wonderful for preschoolers, but “Focus” is our favorite for elementary aged kids.

Focus (Elementary) by Orange Kids Music on Amazon Music Unlimited
Orange Kids Music “Focus” Album

Hillsong Kids A children’s ministry of the mega Hillsong Church in Australia (featured above in Spanish as well). They have a great YouTube channel, app for kids, and other ministry resources.

Lifetree Kids This is the Christian family branch of Group Publishing, best known for incredible Vacation Bible School and curriculum resources for churches. One of our favorite songs is “Thankful.”

I'm Trusting You (2019 Roar VBS Theme Song) (Instrumental) by ...
Lifetree Kids “Roar!” VBS Album

Gateway Kids Worship Gateway Church and their music ministries provide excellent songs for kids to adults! Check out “For All My Days” or “Heartbeat.”

Bethel Music Kids A ministry of Bethel Church, Bethel Music produces a variety of worship music from a community of talented musicians. We enjoy their “Come Alive” album.

Elevation Church Kids The kids’ ministry from Elevation Church based in North Carolina. Their album “One in a Million” has so many beautiful songs that will get your kids dancing.

I often “outsource” language input for my kids using books, movies, and music. It gives my kids an opportunity to hear Spanish from native speakers, from other sources besides me, and to reinforce the value I’m trying to give Spanish. It’s just the same with worship music at our house! Being able to turn on English or Spanish Christian music and to reinforce the value of our faith (and let’s be honest, have fun, sing and dance!) is such a gift.

Find your balance,


Top recommendations for kids' Christian worship music in both English and Spanish.

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