Chistes para niños: 10 Spanish Joke Books for Kids

Chistes para niños: 10 Spanish Joke Books for Kids

Is your child ready to try something new during reading time? Something silly and engaging to make Spanish literacy more fun and interactive? Try a Spanish joke book for kids!

Why choose jokes and riddles to enjoy with your child? According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter can improve our immune systems, relieve pain, boost our mood, and make it easier to cope with difficult situations! Laughter improves our health, and is great for bonding with our child.

Another great reason to laugh together with riddles and joke books? To make sure your child knows that Spanish is fun. Make Spanish language learning time exciting – a time to connect, smile, and ENJOY the language!

Finally, if your child is ready for a switch in their daily read aloud routine, a joke book might be just the right tool! Take a break from reading aloud picture books or a chapter book series to your older child at bedtime, and inject some silliness and laughter to your routine.

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Ideas for Utilizing Spanish Joke Books

  • Enjoy the jokes during a bedtime book routine
  • Tell jokes or solve riddles during a car ride
  • Write a riddle on the bathroom mirror for your child to solve and write back the answer (window markers work great!)
  • Write a joke on a sticky note and tuck it inside your child’s lunchbox or coat pocket
  • Have your child read aloud the jokes to you during their reading time
  • Memorize one joke or riddle each week to share with family and friends
  • Teachers: read aloud as a transition between activities or during a quiet break

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Spanish Joke Books for Kids

333 chistes, acertijos y trabalenguas para niños

by Remedios Ivarra [Ages 6+]

333 chistes, acertijos, y trabalenguas para niños

This paperback book includes new and classic jokes. You’ll also find silly riddles to entertain your child! This short book is 87 pages, and includes 333 (as the title suggests) jokes, riddles, and tongue twisters.

365 chistes para niños

by Editorial niños felices sin pantalla & Anna Bazal García [Ages 7-12]

365 Spanish Jokes for Kids

Get your child off a screen and into a silly joke book! This title includes 365 respectful jokes for your child. Many would be easy to remember and tell to family and friends if you have a little jokester at home. There are 14 extra comic-style jokes included featuring Panda, Nutria and Pingüino from the front cover.

1 chiste por día: 366 chistes para leer en familia

by Bubbles Books [No age recommendation]

Spanish Joke Books for Kids

This short paperback book is 132 pages, but packed full of positive jokes! We appreciate the short jokes with simple vocabulary for language learners of all ages. You’re sure to find some to get your family laughing together!

Also in the series: 1 Adivinanza por día (Riddles) & 1 Curiosidad por día (Curiosities)

Chistes para niños: 10 Spanish Joke Books for Kids

1000 Super chistes para niños: Chistes infantiles cortos y muy graciosos para la cuarentena

by Ana Ramos [No age recommendation]

1000 Super Chistes for Kids

1,000 jokes for kids in 98 pages. This joke book was published during the COVID-19 quarantine time, and I wish we would have had it then! It includes outrageous jokes on many different themes: animals, doctors, school, families, and silly questions.

Adivinanzas difíciles para niños inteligentes

by Joaquín Calvillo Duarte [Ages 10+]

Adivinanzas - Riddles for Kids

A new one for our family that my 10-year-old is enjoying! This collection of 300 fun riddles will be a great tool to work on Spanish vocabulary and solve funny puzzles together. Try to solve a new one each day!

Chistes para niños: Me parto de risa

by Javier Serrano Palacios [Ages 6-12]

Me parto de risa chistes para niños

A joke book kids and adults will enjoy! This book is 152 pages, and has jokes divided by theme – about school, animals, doctors, and more.

Spanish Joke Books for Kids from Bilingual Balance

Libro de chistes para niños: Más de 200 chistes graciosos 

by Silly Sloth Press [No age recommendation]

Libro de chistes para niños

There are more than 200 silly jokes for kids in this 114-page book. There are two jokes on each page, in large print and with small illustrations included – perfect for your reader to enjoy with you or a sibling!

Los mejores 201 chistes infantiles

by Juan José Awad Vásquez [No age recommendation]

Los mejores 201 chistes infantiles

A perfect companion to take in the car or for waiting at an appointment, you and your child will love these jokes for kids! This title includes 201 jokes in its short 88 pages. You’ll find jokes about the character Jaimito, school jokes, colmos, and much more.

Los mejores chistes, colmos y adivinanzas para niños

by C. y C. Ediciones & Ana Karen [No age recommendation]

Spanish joke books

A silly edition that includes jokes, riddles, and colmos! Inside this 303-page book you’ll find Spanish jokes great for sharing as a family – for children, teens, and adults.


by Chioccia [No age recommendation]

Spanish joke books

A book that includes 477 silly jokes for kids and 300 riddles. The book starts with three secrets to telling the best jokes, and touches on jokes around a large variety of topics. Something for everyone to laugh about! Our favorite part has been the riddles.

Try a Spanish Joke Book Today

Which Spanish joke book would your child like most? Please let me know in the comments, and if you have another recommendation to share! Enjoy these Spanish joke books for language learning time, reading together, and making Spanish laughable.

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10 Spanish Joke Books for Kids

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