Bilingual Daily Routine & Chore Cards

Bilingual Daily Routine & Chore Cards

Free printable daily routine and chore cards for kids in ENGLISH & SPANISH

If you’re raising kids in a bilingual household, you know how important it is to have resources in both languages! There’s so much learning that goes on in our child’s day. And our simple, everyday moments can be the perfect opportunity for language learning.

If you’re trying to incorporate more Spanish into your day, your daily routines are an excellent place to start! Getting ready in the morning, routines after school, or evening chores – these daily activities are so meaningful in promoting active language use.

What’s more, our daily routines help foster independence in our little ones! A child takes more ownership in their before-school responsibilities when they can clearly see and check off their tasks. Brush teeth? Check. Comb hair? Yep! Pack backpack? Got it! And clear expectations with a short checklist make it easier to encourage our child’s responsibility after school, too. Hang up coat, put away shoes, then do homework? On it! Or at least we can hope!

If you’d like to incorporate language learning AND scaffold your child’s independence, I have the perfect resource for you: BILINGUAL daily routine and chore cards! Whether your day includes Spanish or English conversation, you’ll be covered! Let me get you started with some examples of the routines included…

Morning Routines

  • vestirte – get dressed
  • cepillarte los dientes – brush your teeth
  • peinarte el cabello – comb your hair
  • desayunar – eat breakfast

Bilingual daily routine and chore cards for kids

Afternoon Routines

  • almorzar – eat lunch
  • leer un libro – read a book
  • colgar tu mochila – hang up your backpack
  • hacer la tarea – do homework
  • dar de comer a las mascotas (alimentar is also common) – feed the pets

Evening Routines

  • poner la mesa – set the table
  • guardar la ropa – put laundry away
  • descargar el lavavajillas (lavaplatos is also common) – unload the dishwasher
  • ponerte la pijama – put on pajamas
  • ducharte/baƱarte – take a shower or bath

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A Note on Language Diversity

Spanish is an amazingly diverse language, with speakers across many cultures and countries. So while these translations were written with intention and care, they are certainly not the only way to say these words and phrases. Spanish speakers from different regions may use some alternate phrases. They are provided to get you and your family started speaking more Spanish around your daily activities at home! Feel free to leave a comment with another way to say a specific daily routine if you’d like.

Getting the Bilingual Daily Routine Cards Ready

  • Download the bilingual cards below
  • Print the cards in color
  • Or, print the cards in black and white on colored paper
  • Laminate for extended use
  • Cut out and they’re ready to use!

Bilingual printable daily routine cards for kids from

Ideas for Use

After printing and preparing your bilingual routine cards, you’re set to begin use with your child! I’ve included a variety of routines and chores (32 in each language PLUS a page of blank cards) for various times of day to get you set up for success. Here are a few ideas for using the cards:

  • Make a chart for your child’s getting-ready morning routine
  • Create a visual checklist for tasks that need to be done before school
  • Make a poster with all of your child’s key daily schedule
  • Post a visual chart for after school routines
  • Use a clipboard to show bedtime routine tasks

Add a box or circle next to each card on a white board or on paper so that your child can check it off when complete! Use the bilingual cards however they work best to promote responsible, independent behavior for your child. And don’t forget language learning!

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Download your free printable below, and please share this blog post with family and friends who would also love these daily routine cards!

Bilingual Daily Routine Cards

More on Daily Routines

If you’d like more resources for incorporating language learning through your everyday routines at home, I’ve got you covered! Check out one of these related posts for more tips, ideas, and resources.

Find your balance, Jenna

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