Heartwarming Winter-themed Spanish Books To Ignite The Imagination

Heartwarming Winter-themed Spanish Books To Ignite The Imagination

Spanish and bilingual books about the winter season for children

Happy New Year! With the holidays behind us, we’re diving into the long, cold days of winter. One thing I’ve learned in the last several years living in Minnesota, is that winter has to be embraced, not survived.

Winter has so much to offer if you’re willing to wrap up and brave the cold! My kids are great at helping me embrace the long winter days. A hike in the snow, building a snowman, snow shoeing, or our family’s new favorite winter activity – cross country skiing – there’s fun to be had by the whole family in a bleak winter season!

Then, thankfully, we can all go back inside to sip hot chocolate and enjoy a book snuggled up by the fireplace. Books can ignite our imaginations and help us embrace the snowy adventures of the winter season, and I’ve rounded up our favorites for you!

These top Spanish winter books are selected for preschool and elementary students. I hope one can inspire a fun winter day outside, or be enjoyed together inside!

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Spanish Winter Books

Ana y Andrew: Un día de nieve

by Christine Platt, illustrated by Sharon Sordo [Ages 4-9]

School is canceled! Ana and Andrew are going to try new winter things outside with their neighbors – like making snow ice cream! This beginner chapter book is part of the Ana & Andrew series. Use it as a read aloud or for independent reading time for your reader.

Diary of an Ice Princess #1: No hay nieve como en casa

by Christina Soontornvat [Ages 6-9]

I hope this first chapter book will get your reader hooked on a new series! Princess Lina lives in a massive palace in the clouds, and has powers to control the wind and weather. Yet what Princess Lina wants most is to go to a non-magical school with her best friend Claudia. Can she keep the family’s icy powers a secret?

Diez maneras de escuchar la nieve

By Cathy Camper, illustrated by Kenard Pak, and translated by Rossy Evelin Lima [Ages 4-8]

This new favorite tells about Lina’s snowy day getting to her abuela’s house to cook together. She discovers ten ways to pay attention to her surroundings as she passes snowmen and crosses frozen sidewalks. A sweet story about contemplation, empathy, and what we can discover when the world is quiet.

Forastero en el bosque: Una fantasía fotográfica

by Carl R. II Sams & Jean Stoick [Ages 5-8]

After a winter storm, the forest animals and birds react to a snowman appearing in their home. Stunning photography and text written from the animals’ point of view make this a winter classic.

Iguanas en la nieve: y otros poemas de invierno

by Francisco X. Alarcón, illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez [Ages 6-12]

A title we’ve been bringing out since my fifth grader was probably in preschool! This poetry anthology is full of gorgeous illustrations and bilingual English and Spanish winter-themed poems.

Los animales en el invierno 

by Jenny Fretland VanVoorst [Ages 4-6]

A nonfiction book for young readers to explore how animal behavior changes during the winter season. Your child will love the full-color, vibrant photographs!

Also available: Las aves en el invierno, and Las plantas en el invierno

Luna de búho

by Jane Yolen, illustrated by John Schoenherr, translated by Teresa Mlawer [Ages 5-8]

I’m sure you’ve at some point heard this classic tale – “Owl Moon” in English. Did you know it’s also available in Spanish? One of our family favorites, it tells the story of a young girl’s first time getting to go owling with her dad. A story of quiet, nature, mindfulness, and winter adventure.

Mil mariposas blancas

by Jessica Betancourt-Perez & Karen Lynn Williams, illustrated by Gina Maldonado [Ages 5-8]

Another new title that will quickly become a family favorite! Isabella has recently moved to the United States from Colombia, and her very first day of school is canceled because of snow! Isabella misses her warm home in Colombia, but when she meets Katie, she discovers making a new friend is easier than she thought.

El mitón

Written and illustrated by Jan Brett [Ages 4-8]

A classic winter story that is a must-read! When Nicki loses one of his white mittens out in the snow, the animals decide it could be their own warm refuge. But how many creatures will fit in the tiny space? A beautifully-illustrated story by the famous Jan Brett that is perfect for practicing animal names, winter vocabulary, and story retelling!

Oso no para de roncar

by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman [Ages 4-8]

A family favorite about Oso trying to hibernate! While Bear snores on, the forest animals seek a warm place to hide from the winter storm. See what happens when he finally wakes up!

Tren de invierno

by Susanna Isern, illustrated by Ester Garcia [Ages 3-7]

Winter is drawing near, and the animals need to catch the train to take them to warmer lands! They make preparations, packing their bags and saying goodbyes to friends who stay. This sweet story is about friendship and cooperation.

Un día de nieve

by Ezra Jack Keats [Ages 2-5]

How could I forget this timeless tale? This simple story for young readers tells about Pedro’s snow day adventures. Come along as he explores the fun to be had in the snow!

Un poema para cada día de invierno

 by Vanesa Perez – Sauquillo, illustrated by Raquel Diaz Reguera [Ages 4-9]

A title for your poetry-loving child! This winter-themed poetry anthology features poems about snow, storms, and even winter coughs. Full of beautiful vocabulary to learn together as a family this season.

Un trineo para Gabo

by Emma Otheguy, illustrated by Ana Ramírez González, translated by Alexis Romay [Ages 4-8]

Gabo is in a new town, and when a snow day arrives, he sees the neighbor kids sledding on the hill. Gabo wants to join, but his hat is too small, and he doesn’t have boots or a sled. But don’t worry, with some help from his warm and welcoming neighbors, he’ll find a way to solve the problem!

¡Una señora con frío se tragó un poco de nieve!

by Lucille Colandro, illustrated by Jared Lee [Ages 2-5]

We have several of the books in this series, and they always make my kids laugh! Like “There Was A Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,” this is a silly story about swallowing a variety of winter items. But can your kids guess what happens with them at the end?

Explore More Spanish Winter Fun

I hope you enjoy these fabulous Spanish winter books! Happy reading!


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