Spectacular Spanish Chapter Book Series for Kids

Spectacular Spanish Chapter Book Series for Kids

Over twenty Spanish chapter book series to keep your child reading!

Some days, getting my kids to sit down and enjoy our daily reading time is like pulling teeth. Yet sometimes, they’ve found just the right book that transports them to another world. It’s like magic, and I can’t pull them away from their reading.

They’re captivated, completely enthralled in the story of new friends in another time and place. Do you know the feeling?

I’m often on the hunt for that new chapter book series that will inspire my own children. And when they’ve fallen in love with the first book in a series, they’re set to enjoy many more adventures!

So if you’re searching for a new Spanish chapter book for your child (or class), you’ve come to the right place. I’ve created a round-up of our favorites and organized them by the child’s reading age. These age ranges are suggested by the publishers and should be used as a starting point. Keep in mind your child can enjoy listening to these titles being read aloud as well.

I’d suggest searching for one of the books in the series at your local library to see if it looks appropriate for your child’s reading level and interest. You can find these book recommendations in my Bookshop, at the Amazon links provided, or any other book store you’d like to support!

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Ages 5+

Mercy Watson

by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Chris Van Dusen [Ages 5-7]

These beginning Spanish chapter books for young readers are short, sweet, and silly. My own children have loved following along with the little pig Mercy and all of his fun adventures. Sure to have kids smiling, they are a great introduction to chapter books because they have short chapters, a mix of easy and hard vocabulary, and excellent illustrations. They’re a great first choice for your reader!

Juana y Lucas

by Juana Medina [Ages 5-8]

Okay, I’ll admit it, I enjoyed reading the first book in this sweet series to my three kids. Juana is a fun-loving child growing up in Colombia who adores drawing, her friend Juli, and her dog, Lucas. But learning English? Not so much. For bilingual children who know the joy – and challenges – of learning two languages, this series is a great choice. Your kids will fall in love with Juana!


by Fran Manushkin, illustrated by Tammie Lyon [Ages 5-8]

This is a Scholastic book series following the many adventures of first grader, Pedro. Pedro will become a fast friend to your reader. Each book involves Pedro in a new, relatable, and enjoyable experience both in and out of school. There are currently 17 books in the series.


by Saadia Faruqi, illustrated by Hatem Aly [Ages 5-8]

Yasmin is a fierce young girl with as many hopes and dreams as your child! With short sentences and chapters, this is another excellent and engaging series for readers who are ready to start chapter books. Yasmin wants to be it all – an explorer, a fashionista, a teacher, and a superhero! Each day brings something new – and I bet your child will adore Yasmin’s curiosity and creativity.

20+ Spanish Chapter Book Series for Kids from Bilingual Balance.

Sofia Martinez

by Jacqueline Jules, illustrated by Kim Smith [Ages 6-8]

If your child enjoys Yasmin, they might get excited about the Sofia Martinez books as well! We purchased our first book in the series, “Viaje a la playa” for our first trip to the ocean. Sofia’s books are full of understandable happenings and adventures that your child can connect with. From cooking, gardening, and getting along as a family – the books touch on many everyday themes for kids.

La Princesa de Negro

by Shannon Hale & Dean Hale, illustrated by LeUyen Pham [Ages 6-9]

Ready for some exciting escapades? Grab a “La princesa de negro” title and get ready for some fun and mystery! My daughter has read several books in this series and is always ready for more. The princess in these stories changes into her black “superhero” gear to solve problems and mysteries throughout her kingdom. This series includes color illustrations throughout.

Félix y Calcita

by Artur Laperla [Ages 6-9]

Is your child interested in an entertaining comic series? “Félix y Calcita” includes many illustrations on each page, and short, expressive dialogue. These imaginative stories are full of action, adventure, monsters, witches, and giants! While technically not chapter books, this series takes kids on many fun adventures – through Félix’s toy box into the world of trolls and gnomes.

Zoé y Sasafrás

by Asia Citro, illustrated by Marion Lindsay [Ages 6-10]

Does your child love to read about mythical creatures? In this series, Zoé and her unique cat, Sasafrás work together to help magical animals stuck in various dilemmas. These books include quite a bit of more challenging text, but still include illustrations on nearly every page. My own children enjoyed the science learning in this series!

Junie B. Jones

by Barbara Park, illustrated by Denise Brunkus [Ages 6-10]

Have you discovered the silly stories of Junie B. Jones yet? We’ve appreciated many of these books in both English and Spanish. They’re full of relatable, lighthearted, and humorous stories about Junie B.’s life, friends, class, and family. Your child will surely be laughing along! There are 28 books in the series, and the title links to one of our favorites “Junie B. Jones duerme en una mansion.”

Over twenty Spanish chapter book series for kids from Bilingual Balance.

Ages 7+

A.J. y su extraño colegio

by Dan Gutman, illustrated by Jim Paillot [Ages 7-9]

In the first Spanish chapter book of this series, A.J.’s second grade teacher doesn’t know how to add or subtract! There are some very strange things going on at A.J.’s school, and he and his friends are in for some crazy adventures. While I’ll admit they’re purely silly entertainment, I appreciate that they’re so engaging for young readers. The books include funny, comic-like black and white illustrations peppered throughout.

La casa del árbol

by Mary Pope Osborne, illustrated by Sal Murdocca [Ages 7-9]

Wildly popular with elementary students, “La casa del árbol” book series will take your child across time and space! In these stories, siblings Jack and Annie have discovered a magic treehouse. The treehouse transports them throughout history to make discoveries and solve problems. Pick out a story about a topic that interests your child – snakes, dinosaurs, the Amazon rainforest, even the moon! Educational and entertaining, these titles are definitely a top pick!

Hombre Perro

by Dav Pilkey [Ages 7+]

In the “Hombre Perro” series, your child will discover a new hero who is part dog and part man. Full of crime and mystery, these books are graphic novels that will have your child laughing out loud. They are purely for entertainment to get and keep kids reading silly stories. However, I value that they also include overall themes of courage and kindness.


by Lauren Tarshis [Ages 7-10]

If you’ve got a history lover in your home, you should check out the “Sobreviví” series! They are historical fiction stories that follow along with a young person who survives a terrible disaster or historical event. Your child will read about experiences of strength, courage, and resilience while also learning a bit about an important event in history.

Los tipos malos

by Aaron Blabey [Ages 7-10]

These bad guys are trying to do good deeds! In this illustrated Spanish chapter book series, your kids will read about the hilarious stunts of the bad guys who’ve turned into good guys. I hope you hear your child giggle as they read about Sr. Lobo, Sr. Piraña, Sr. Serpiente and Sr. Tiburón! When they finish the first one, it’ll be right on to the next comical story.

Nate el grande

by Lincoln Peirce [Ages 8-12]

Your child will be cheering for Nate in this appealing graphic novel series! Eleven-year-old Nate is a spunky sixth grader who introduces readers to many hysterical school experiences. You’ll read about Nate and school bullies, irritating teachers, a first crush, best friends, and playing in a band. A funny and entertaining series that my own son has thoroughly enjoyed!

Tía Lola

by Julia Alvarez [Ages 8-12]

In this chapter book series, you’ll meet Miguel, a young boy whose parents have divorced. Miguel moves from the Dominican Republic to Vermont and starts a new chapter in his life. The amazing, charismatic, and warm Tía Lola comes to help out his mom and changes their lives. Full of complex vocabulary and rich cultural and family themes, these stories are thought-provoking and enjoyable. There are no illustrations included, and I’d personally recommend it for upper elementary and middle school.

Las crónicas de Narnia

by C. S. Lewis [Ages 8-12]

Did you enjoy the Chronicles of Narnia fantasy series as a child? Full of magic, mystery, and adventure, they are stories about courageous siblings in the imaginary kingdom of Narnia. They include battles of good against evil, magical creatures, and talking animals. An excellent choice to read aloud with your child as well! The title links to the entire volume, a 7 book series.

Las aventuras de Bear Grylls

by Bear Grylls, illustrated by Emma McCann [Ages 8-12]

Your young adventurer will enjoy the many challenges Bear Grylls faces in this series! In each story, you’ll follow along with the trials, perils, and tough decisions Bear must make out in the wild. So far, there are only a few titles available in Spanish.

Ages 9+

Harry Potter

by J. K. Rowling [Ages 9-12+]

The magical stories of young Harry Potter and the world of witches and wizards! My own son has enjoyed listening to the stories in English and is now reading them himself in Spanish. These chapter books for older readers follow the many trials and tribulations of a young wizard named Harry. You can read the books and then enjoy the movies together!


by Saraí Gonzalez and Monica Brown, illustrated by Christine Almeda [Ages 9-12]

Meet Saraí, a fourth grader who is optimistic and confident, and always working on solving a problem. This is a chapter book series inspired by the life of 11-year-old viral video star and social activist Saraí Gonzalez. In the first book, Saraí and her sisters devise a plan to save her grandparents’ house. What’s more, your reader will explore themes of friendship, self-confidence, and resilience in this amazing series. Beautiful black and white illustrations are on nearly every page.


by Ana Galán, illustrated by Javier Delgado [Ages 9-12]

Do you have a dragon lover at your house? Me too. Let me introduce you to Mondragó, a book series about the adventures of a young boy named Cale and his friend, the mischevious Mondragó. Each title explores a new challenge or quest for Cale and his friends. There are seven books in the series.

Los Futbolísimos

by Roberto Santiago, illustrated by Enrique Lorenzo Diaz [Ages 10+]

This sports-centered chapter book series follows a soccer team through their adventures on and off the field. It includes relatable characters and themes of friendship, perseverance, and coming together as a team to solve problems. The series includes colorful, comic-like illustrations scattered throughout.

What Spanish chapter book series would you add? I’d love to hear about another favorite that has captivated your child or your students!

I hope you’ll give one of these Spanish chapter book series a try and that your child falls in love! It’s truly magical when our kids discover a book that inspires them to experience a new world. Hope your child will fall in love with reading!

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