Spanish Christmas Music for Kids

Spanish Christmas Music for Kids

Do you love Christmas music? Listening to Christmas songs is an essential part of celebrating the season in our home! Whether in English or Spanish, we play our favorite songs every day to bring joy and hope during the Advent season.

While I have my favorites as an adult, I love playing Christmas music that my own three kids will enjoy. They have their preferences now, and dance and sing along when we play them.

Music is also an important piece of my Spanish language input for my kids – so this time of year we enjoy listening to Spanish Christmas carols (villancicos) together. I’ve created a Spotify playlist with our favorites so that you can easily listen as well. Or, enjoy the videos I’ve included below!

Here are some of our favorite songs – you’ll find versions from various artists in the playlist. MANY more songs are also in the Spotify playlist! I hope you find some new favorites your kids will remember for years!

“Mi Burrito Sabanero”

“Feliz Navidad”

“Noche de Paz”

“Los Peces en el Río”

“El Niño del Tambor”

“Rodolfo el Reno”

“Campana sobre Campana”

Take a look! What are your kids’ top picks this time of year? Let me know in the comments!

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