The Best SPANISH Board Games for Your Bilingual Family

The Best SPANISH Board Games for Your Bilingual Family

Inside: Favorite board games available in Spanish

It’s family game night. Thunder’s booming outside and the rain is crashing down on our windows. It’s the perfect night to stay in, gather around our table together, and enjoy a family board game.

But I’m wondering, how does family game night go at your house? At my house it often looks like this: sweet moments having fun together, with quite a few game pieces falling on the floor, and my kids alternately laughing and arguing. I know we can’t be the only ones!

However it looks and sounds, board games are a fun and interactive way to practice language together! We love to play board games as a family, and because we’re a bilingual household, we need great games in BOTH languages. If your family is ready to dive into the sweet family bonding with a side of chaos, let me tell you some of our favorite family games.

In this post you’ll find our favorite SPANISH board games! They include links (affiliate) for where to find them so that you can add them to your family’s next game night.

Spanish Game Night Tips

  • Starting a Spanish routine for family game night once a week or every other week will help set you up for consistency. This should decrease the pushback you may get from your child – they simply expect that Friday (for example) is Spanish game night. Hopefully it can become something you look forward to!
  • Set a goal together to practice Spanish as much as possible during your family game time! Hold each other accountable in a positive way (“I can tell Dad is really trying to use only Spanish tonight!”). If it’s not something you’re used to, use a visual timer and set a goal like 10 minutes of Spanish use, increasing the goal over time.
  • Include family or friends in the fun! Could you invite over one of your child’s friends who speaks Spanish? What a perfect playdate idea! FaceTime with Grandma or Grandpa? Look for ways to make Spanish game night fun, meaningful, and memorable.

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Our Favorite Spanish Games


The classic letter game is also available in Spanish! Use the letter tiles to build crossword grids alone or with the whole family. A great game for kids as they learn to read and write in Spanish! For 1-8 players, and recommended for ages 7 and up.


We purchased this game recently and have had fun getting the hang of it! Color-coded cards and simple instructions allow players to combine cards and speak full Spanish sentences! This deck is for eating and drinking vocabulary, and there are pronunciation tips as well. For 1-4 players, and ages 6 and up.

Pictures of Favorite Spanish Board Games for Kids

Lil’ Loteria

Loteria is a Mexican bingo game – a simple and fun memory and matching game! The first one to fill their board with matching cards shouts Loteria! This game is bilingual English and Spanish. For 2-6 players, ages 3 and up.

Spanish Bingo

A great choice for little linguists! This simple bingo game will get your family practicing Spanish vocabulary for everyday topics like animals, food, and clothing. One of my kindergartener’s favorites! For 2-6 players and ages 5 and up.

Sussed en español

We’ve loved this new family conversation game! You’ll learn more about one another with silly questions. Read a question, pick one of 3 options, then the other players have to guess what you chose. Some questions: what is your idea of fun? Where do you want to go on vacation? Or what animal scares you most? For 2 or more players, ages 6 and up.

AGO En Español 

This is an excellent UNO-style game aimed at learning the Spanish language! Deal out the cards, and then play a card that matches the previous card’s number or color. There are questions (¿Tienes mascota?) and action cards (Cambio de dirección) to spice it up! For ages 6 and up, 2 or more players.

Family Game Night: Best Spanish Board Games for Kids

Explore Games to Play in Spanish or English

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