Hola, Verano: Summer Activities for Kids

Hola, Verano: Summer Activities for Kids

Oh hello, summer! I’m so glad to see you again. Visiting new playgrounds, enjoying watermelon out on a picnic blanket, and laid back time together as a family. Verano is the best time of year to slow down and enjoy the little things with our kids!

Yet, if you’re anything like me, you like to have a plan to keep a little structure for your kids. Some fun summer activities to keep them engaged in natural learning and exploration! And of course, meaningful (and easy!) ideas you can do in Spanish or English.

This year, I’ve created a helpful printable for families with themed, daily activity ideas for the whole summer. Each day has a different theme to make it easy to remember. And there are 12 ideas for each day to get you through the entire summer! Whether you use it in Spanish or English, I hope it will be a go-to activity guide when you need a quick idea.

You’ll also get a free printable daily checklist for kids. If your child needs a visual reminder of morning jobs (brushing teeth and getting dressed) and everyday goals (reading and playtime outside), this one’s for you!

My own three children are going to be in kindergarten, third grade, and fifth grade next school year. So I’ve thoughtfully created the activity guide with elementary-aged children in mind. I’ve also tried to incorporate ideas that are open-ended and could be modified for a variety of ages and stages.

Looking for more summer resources?

Lunes – Lectura

On Monday, pick a literacy activity to do with your child! The activities for lunes are centered around reading and writing activities. Have your child create a new recipe, write a letter to a friend, or help with the family’s grocery list. Need more fun ways to get your child to read? Grab the Bilingual Summer Reading Bucket List!

Martes – Artes

The activities for Tuesday, martes, center around art. Your child can draw a picture and cut it into a puzzle, create a chalk mural, or make homemade play dough. Simply pick an idea for the day and get creative!

Quick tip: set up a designated creation space your child can use independently. Organize and set out art supplies like colored pencils or crayons, different types of paper, scissors and glue. Of course, only offer what your child can manage – I like to keep extra, messy supplies in another cabinet. Then teach your child how to find, use, and return them for a summer of artistic fun!

MiĆ©rcoles – Mates y ciencias

Wednesday is all about math and science: building, experimenting, and discovering. Have your child build a fort, design a new plant species, or make homemade ice cream. MiĆ©rcoles may become your child’s new favorite day of the week!

Hola, verano summer calendar and daily checklist: free printable from Bilingual Balance.

Jueves – Jugar afuera

Select a fun outdoor activity each Thursday! Get your child out in nature to get some fresh air, exercise, and simple outdoor exploration. Los jueves, have your child plant some seeds, have a car or bike wash, or create a backyard theater. Here’s a free summer outdoor scavenger hunt for one of your Thursdays!

Viernes – Viaje

On Fridays, pick a new destination to visit! Would your child enjoy a trip to a new playground, an art museum, or a state park? Keep your child in mind – and check your local calendar – to take advantage of the best summer activities. Don’t forget about farmers’ markets and community fairs near you!

Fin de semana – Actos bondadosos

On the weekend, pick an act of kindness you can do together with your child. Whether you’re caring for people, animals, or plants – you’ll be showing your child how to make a difference in the community. Some of the activities include donating items to a local food pantry, planting a new tree in your yard, or baking something and sharing it with your neighbors.

Daily Summer Checklist

If your child would benefit from some structure during the summer days, I hope you’ll also use the free printable summer checklist I’ve created for you! One side includes morning jobs to complete – like eating breakfast and brushing teeth. The other lists daily activities to check off (anyone else have a child who needs some guidance at times??) – like reading and playing outside for 20 minutes. The daily summer checklist is included in the Spanish or English printable below.

Bilingual Summer Resources for Kids from Bilingualbalance.com.

Start the Summer Activities

Ready to get started? Simply download the FREE printables in English or Spanish below, and print them off in colored ink or on colored paper. Hang them up on the fridge or somewhere easily visible for your child, and start checking off the fun summer activities!

Hola Verano Spanish Activity Guide

Hello Summer English Activity Guide

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