Spooky Spanish Halloween Experiments for Kids (with Videos)

Spooky Spanish Halloween Experiments for Kids (with Videos)

Halloween-inspired science experiment videos for kids to practice Spanish

These spook-tacular Spanish Halloween experiments will have your child learning about science and practicing Spanish at the same time!

You and your child can do the science experiments along with these Spanish videos. Or, you can simply watch the videos for some educational entertainment. Either way, they’ll help you add in some fun Spanish language learning into your day!

As a mom of three young kids and a former dual language teacher, I’m always looking for enticing ways to incorporate Spanish language learning! There are so many fun ways to practice our Spanish in fun and meaningful ways at home – Spanish books, Spanish music, learning through daily routines, and learning about seasonal topics.

And right now, my three children are all about Halloween!

What better way to motivate them to practice Spanish than with some Halloween science? And the best news is, parents who don’t speak Spanish can utilize these videos at home to support language learning. These videos have been selected with bilingual and dual language students in mind. They’re perfect for elementary-aged learners.

Take a look to find a new spooky science experiment your child will love!

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Spanish Science Experiments

Los fantasmas espumosos by ExpCaseros Kids

In this experiment, you’ll use baking soda, dish soap, food coloring, and vinegar to create foaming ghosts in plastic cups. Make your own funny (or terrifying) ghost faces and see how they foam in this classic experiment! We like to do this one over a cookie sheet.

8 Experimentos de Halloween by Divertiaula

This video will get you started with 8 fun Halloween experiments! There are no oral instructions, but it includes written Spanish instructions for children who can already read.

Lámpara de lava by Guia infantil

A lava lamp would be perfect for a spooky Halloween night! In this short video, you’ll see and hear how to create your own lava lamp at home. I appreciate that the presenter uses slower and clear speech and that important instructions and ingredients are written as well.

Fantasma en una botella by ExpCaseros Kids

This short video explains how to make a ghost in a bottle – squeezing and letting go of a plastic water bottle to make a “ghost” (a finger cut off of a medical glove with a metal key ring inside) rise and fall. The video includes both written and oral instructions in Spanish. We love ExpCaseros Kids – but their speaking is a bit fast!

Calabaza de Halloween con fuego verde by ExpCaseros Kids

In this science experiment, kids can make a green fire pumpkin. You’ll use boric acid and rubbing alcohol to light up a jack-o-lantern.

Slime de Halloween by Izabel Medher

Of course, I had to include a slime video! Halloween is the perfect time to make some spooky slime. Choose colors like purple, green, and orange, and mix in some glitter or tiny Halloween confetti. This would make a fun party activity!

Gusanos bailarines by Nat Geo Lab and DisneyLatinoamerica

Have you ever tried a dancing worms experiment? This is a new favorite for my third grader! This entertaining experiment video will show you how to use gummy worms, vinegar, water, and baking soda to make bubbling, dancing worms. Try this one on Halloween night!

Cómo hacer oobleck by Explore More

Oobleck is a favorite for all ages! This video explains how to make oobleck (or flubber, a non-Newtonian substance that can be solid or liquid) in a slow and comprehensible way. Make your oobleck green, orange, or any other color you’d like for Halloween!

Spooky Spanish Science Experiments for Kids - with Videos
Spooky Spanish Halloween Experiments for Kids

El huevo saltarín radiactivo by ExpCaseros Kids

This science experiment shows children how to create a radioactive jumping egg! You’ll need an egg, vinegar, and a cup, as well as a highlighter. Captions are included so students can read along with the speedy Spanish instructions.

Experimentos de Halloween by Math2me Kids

You’ll discover two Halloween experiments in this video. First, you’ll learn how to make tea bag ghosts using the paper from tea bags, a black marker, and a match or lighter. Make sure to have an adult present for this one! My kids loved seeing how they fly into the air! Next, they make Halloween bombs using plastic bags, a marker, vinegar, cornstarch, and baking soda.

3 recetas caseras para crear tinta invisible by Guia infantil

This experiment for kids shows how to create your own invisible ink to write spooky secret messages. Perfect for a dark fall night with a flashlight! Write out some Spanish Halloween messages for each other to read – three different recipes included.

El experimento de los ositos mutantes by ExpCaseros Kids

In this experiment, kids will find out how to make their own growing, mutant gummy bears! Experiment to find out how to make the bears change size using simple household items like baking soda, water, vinegar and lemon water.

Experimento Arcoiris de M&M’s by Happy Lera

A fun and simple Skittles or M&M’s experiment. If your young kids haven’t tried this one before, it’s a beautiful experiment for any time of year. For Halloween or the season of fall, use only fall-colored candies, or design them on your plate to look like a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern! An easy one for young learners!

Spanish Science Learning

Enjoy some Halloween science and language learning fun with your child this fall! Use these simple science experiment videos to add in some Spanish while you celebrate Halloween together.

Keep the learning going with some Spanish Halloween Jokes (from Spanish Playground) or more Spanish Halloween Activities (from All Done Monkey)!

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