Ultimate Summer Spanish Learning Guide for Kids of All Ages

Ultimate Summer Spanish Learning Guide for Kids of All Ages

Summer has almost arrived and I’m feeling the powerful call of days spent soaking up sunshine, eating watermelon, and enjoying summer fun in the backyard! If you’re searching for summer fun that will help your child continue practicing SPANISH, I’ve compiled the ultimate guide for you.

Take a look to find amazing Spanish recommendations for books, videos, music, games, and more! Carve in some time each day for Spanish language practice for the biggest impact. Aim for even 15-20 minutes each day to keep Spanish learning fresh in your child’s mind!

And try to integrate Spanish practice into your child’s daily routine in a joyful, sustainable way. So much of what your child is already doing can be switched to Spanish (listening to music, reading, or screen time) – when you have the right, engaging resources. Enjoy making some fun family memories together this summer – and encouraging your child’s love for Spanish!

Elementary Students

Spanish Reading

Keep up your child’s Spanish reading skills with Spanish books from your local library, or one of these incredible reading resources.

  • Maguaré My top recommendation for reading in Spanish online – so much more than books, it has videos, audiobooks, music, and games
  • Unite for Literacy A gold mine resource for primary students wanting to read books online
  • Story Place Spanish books for beginning readers with fun activities and at-home projects
  • Story Weaver Books of a variety of levels available in Spanish or bilingual Spanish-English
  • The Fable Cottage Spanish stories for children with accompanying audio and video
  • Explora Spanish online magazine articles for kids covering a range of kid-enticing themes
  • Epic! Join free for 30 days (books, ebooks, and videos)

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Spanish Games & Apps

When your child reaches for their tablet, why not make it Spanish screen time? There are some incredible – and fun – Spanish apps for kids of all ages. Here are some recommendations to try!

Spanish Music

There are so many incredible artists and groups, of course I can’t name them all. These are some of our favorites that will get you started searching for the music your family loves!

  • 123 Andrés
  • Alina Celeste
  • Ana Calabrese
  • Baila Baila
  • Basho & Friends
  • Mister G Songs
  • Nathalia

Explore songs by these artists in our playlists for younger kids, older kids, and family favorites!

Ultimate Summer Spanish Learning Guide for Kids of All Ages by Bilingual Balance

Spanish Videos

Try one of these top picks, or check out 20+ amazing YouTube channels for kids learning Spanish here. If you have Netflix (or Disney+ or another streaming service), check your child’s favorite shows to see if you can switch the audio to Spanish.

YouTube Music Channels:

Netflix Choices:

  • Puffin Rock
  • Ask the Storybots
  • Llama Llama
  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again
  • Octonauts
  • Masha & The Bear

Connect with a Friend

This summer, try to connect your child with a Spanish-speaking friend or classmate. Seeing a Spanish-speaking friend can encourage your child’s listening and speaking skills. Get them together to do something fun and challenge them to see if they can use Spanish the whole time – or at least for one activity. If you don’t speak Spanish, I have you covered with some fun ideas:

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Middle & High School Students

Spanish Reading

Teen using a tablet to practice Spanish

Spanish Music

A few of our favorite music artists and groups that have many clean and catchy songs for teens!

  • Álvaro Soler
  • Bomba Estéreo
  • ChocQuibTown
  • Jesse & Joy
  • Julieta Venegas
  • Vazquez Sounds

Find these and more in the Spotify Playlist Family-Friendly Spanish Music.

Spanish Podcasts

Let your child pick a podcast about a theme that interests them – there are many available in Spanish!

Spanish Immersion at Home

Finally, challenge your teen to pick another outlet (or two) for Spanish immersion. Whether it’s reading, writing, listening, or speaking, have them choose something else they enjoy doing and switch it to Spanish. Here are some ideas:

  • Write in a daily journal
  • Change the language to Spanish on their phone, computer, or tablet
  • Connect with Spanish language accounts on social media
  • Try to text select family or friends only in Spanish
  • Start a Spanish language club with some friends

The Ultimate Summer Spanish Learning Guide for Kids and Teens

Explore More Spanish Summer Resources

Summer can be a great time to fit in some Spanish language learning! Whether your child is in a dual language school, taking Spanish classes, or learning the language from you at home, even a little bit of daily practice can make a big impact. Keep sharing the power of bilingualism with your child and stick around for more engaging Spanish summer resources.

I’d love it if you took a minute to share this post with family and friends who need some practical and fun Spanish summer ideas! Let me know if you have additional resources to add in the comments below. Finally, join me on social media for more ways to make Spanish learning joyful and sustainable for your family.

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